Monday, February 16, 2009

And the mystery pattern is...

I've gotten several questions about the pattern of this skirt from the floral wrap top post:

It belongs to this now out of print Vogue 8129:

I've had this pattern for years. I attempted it about 4 years ago in a denim with white lace for the inverted pleats, like the green skirt pictured above. But my denim was too thick and the wrong fabric choice for the project. The problem with this design is the yoke is cut too big for the skirt. The instructions want you to ease the yoke into the skirt body. Huh? The result isn't pretty. So I went back and sewed the yoke smaller, but not small enough. I have to redo the yoke once again, and that is why it became the first garment in my unfinished objects pile. But now I've decided I don't love my floral wrap blouse with just those gray jeans and want the entire outfit including the skirt to wear together. As soon as I finish my current project, Vogue 7693, I'm planning to complete the skirt.


  1. Hello Amanda.
    Great pattern you have here!!
    I'm looking forward to see the complete outfit ;)

  2. You can't go wrong with a wrap dress! I've got one in my "to-do" pile, too. Those endless projects, are a pain (hence the term UFO!), but I know you'll finish it beautifully with perfect fit. You always do...

  3. That is interesting to hear about the yoke. I have that pattern but haven't made it up yet. I will keep that in mind. Thanks

  4. I ran into this problem (reversed) in a Vogue pant recently. The waistband was entirely too small for the pant. It was very aggravating!!

  5. I can't wait to hear about the wrap dress--I just pulled my pattern out!

  6. Glad to see that you're going to give this another go. It's a great pattern! I'll have to watch for it on ebay - I just love the view you're working on