Monday, February 21, 2011

Butterick 5566 - Green floral straight skirt

Don't get too excited. This was a near wadder save. I was going for view A, with the interesting pleated overlay. Super cute look, right? Too bad I chose a polyester shantung that totally stretched out while sewing both the bias pleats and front bias facing. It looked wonky and horrible and I was even more upset because this was my second wadder in a row. After taking a shower (I do some of my best planning in the shower - anyone else?) I realized it could easily be saved by removing the front overlay.

So here you go, a boring old pencil skirt. I do like the colors in the fabric and am glad it was salvageable, but I'm bummed the skirt I wanted to make didn't turn out. Although I did learn two lessons from this experience. One - this view needs to be made with some stiffer fabric or perhaps a thinner fabric that is starched before sewn to prevent being stretched out. Two - skirts with 4 darts in the front and 4 in the back just don't fit my body very well. I'm too much of a square.

I have already worn this outfit (hence the wrinkles) and do think it's cute. I made the white top in these pictures as well. It really sees a lot of wear.

I added a full lining in flesh toned Bemberg.

I've received several comments lately about how unbelievable it is that I'm so productive. Well, that might have been true several years ago, but these days I'm lucky if I get 3 things done a month. And most of the stuff I'm making has been simple garments. But thanks! I'm glad you think I'm productive, because I feel the total opposite.

Answers to more recent questions coming soon. I've got one hour before bed to get some stitching done!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Updated picture of my twisted bubble skirt

Okay, I did finish a skirt last week and even got some snaps of me in it today, but I wanted to include some pictures of the insides for my review and didn't get to it before we lost the light. I'll get to that tomorrow, promise!

Here's yet another updated picture of a garment made while I was pregnant - hope I'm not boring you with these. It's that pesky hard-to-style bubble skirt that I wasn't sure I even liked once I was able to try it on. The length is what I don't love. It would be perfect if it were a little shorter or a little longer, but as is hits me right at my bottom thigh muscle. I have found that if I wear a short top and this cropped jacket they make the proportions even out a bit.

The color of this skirt was hard to work with as well. If I put it with a white top the whole outfit was too light in color. Paired with a dark brown top it was too matchy-matchy. I must have tried on half the tops in my closet searching for something that would work before finally settling on this pink one.

And BTW, I found this hot pink 100% cashmere Ann Taylor tank top at Goodwill a few months back for $3.99. Can you say SCORE! And that wasn't the only cashmere item I picked up that day. I am in love with my local Goodwill!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fun stuff in the mail!

Hello! It's been a few weeks since I've posted because we've all been sick. First my boys were ill for 4-5 days, then they passed it to my husband, then I got sick for another 4-5 days, and then poor baby Rachel got sick despite my best efforts to keep the germs away from her. This is the first week in nearly a month that nobody has fever/chills/pukes etc. Whew! To celebrate our wellness and also because the weather was just beautiful, we took the day off from school and went to the zoo.

On the sewing front, after I finally started feeling better, I managed to create two wadders in a row. Well, really just one and a half because I was able to salvage the second one into something other then my original vision for the fabric. I'll have that to show you in a few days if DH happens to get home from work at a decent time. The sun hasn't been setting until 6:15 around here lately.

I usually make at least one online purchase a month from my various fabric haunts but don't always get around to posting them. However, I always like to see what other people have gotten, so thought you might be interested in what the mailman has delivered in the past few days. This first picture is a recent haul from Gorgeous Fabrics during a 20% off sale:

From left to right there's a poly panel print, a cotton stretch sateen with yellows/reds/greens, a fun madras-type fabric with more yellow (my favorite color, btw), an interesting jersey animal print atop ruffles, and (my fav) a gorgeous purple tie-dyed poly that has thin bias strips sewn on in flower designs.

But wait, these next two items are the most exciting! Last year had a 50% off sale on their animal skins, and while I was thinking about how cool it would be to sew something with leather, most of it sold out! When they got a new shipment last fall I put a few colors in my wish list and waited for the sale. It was a week ago and today the mailman delivered my order:

This first one is a beautiful lipstick red lambskin that is incredibly soft. They were advertised as being 5-6.5 sqft each so I bought 3. I am planning to make a pencil skirt of some kind. This will be my very first project out of leather and I'll definitely be making a muslin first and doing some research.

I also got two skins of black lambskin. These were 9-11 sqft and I thought I might have enough for some pants if they were on the 11 sqft end. But they are both right around 9 and I doubt there's enough for pants. So possibly these will become another skirt or I might use some for trims here and there.

Please, no hateful comments about my purchasing leather. I wear leather shoes/belts/purses. I eat meat. I married into a cattle ranching family. I am not at all opposed to sewing with leather. If you are, please keep it to yourself. Thanks!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Updated picture of my plum wool military jacket

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my recent dress. Wow! You guys are such a self esteem boost! I received a few questions about it, and I am trying to answer questions promptly.

1. How is the sizing? Well, I cut my typical size 12. This doubleknit does not have a huge amount of stretch and the dress is very fitted and has to be pulled on over the head. I definitely wouldn't size down if you are using a stable knit.

2. Did I overlap the tucks over the darts? I am not sure what this question is asking. I followed the instructions and did not deviate. Hope that helps.

Hard to believe right now but when we went outside to snap this picture, the temperature was in the high 70's and I was sweltering in head to toe wool and that warm turtleneck. Now of course it is super cold and we might even see some snow tonight. Snow! In south Texas! That just about never happens.

Anyway, I still really love this jacket, although I have not had an opportunity to wear it yet because that skirt just started fitting again. I bought a plaid boucle with plum in it to make another skirt with. That just may get saved for next winter, though.

I hope all my fellow Americans are staying warm!