Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Summer Vogues

I'm still alive in case you were wondering, just having a MAJOR case of lost sewing mojo. The new summer Vogue patterns were released online yesterday, which has me excited for warmer temperatures.

I'm starting with a fun Badgley Mischka scalloped dress, Vogue 1398. I always have to stop myself from making stuff that is too twee because I tend to gravitate toward it. This looks pretty sophisticated to me, though, even with the tiers and scallops. I love the color too, and might just have to totally copy the example dress.

I saw the other Badgley Mischka dress, Vogue 1399, on the runway (youtube) and gasped, so you can bet I'll be getting it too. I love the topstitching and the color, but wonder why the collar is collapsing a little.

Both Kay Unger dresses are gorgeous, but I think Vogue 1392 is a little too sexy for church. That's where I wear 95% of my fancier clothing. People always ask me that. Anyway, Vogue 1393 is totally on trend with all the sheer panels designers are using. They made the example dress with lace, but it could also be made with crepe and chiffon. There's lots of possibilities with this one.

I think my small girls would be lost in all the blousy-ness of Vogue 1394, but the other Rebecca Taylor dress, Vogue 1395, is a lovely and simple summer frock. I usually pass over these types of dresses in favor of clothing with refined fit, then wonder why I don't have many easy things to throw on in a moment's notice.

I don't care for midi-length skirts on my body, even though I know they are extremely in vogue. You've got to pick the trends that work with your body, IMO, or you end up looking like a fashion victim. So I'll just pass by the Lialia and the Tracy Reese patterns, even though I think they're beautiful dresses.

As for the non-designer offerings, I really like Vogue 8995. I do feel like we've seen a lot of these color-blocked designs in the last several years, and I own a few of them (even though I've yet to make any up.) What I like about this one is the construction lines. The side panels of the skirt are slanted in on a diagonal, making the thighs appear narrower. I also like that it's designed for a woven instead of a stable knit.

I love the drama of the full skirt of Vogue 9001, as well as the wide scooping neckline (which I will probably need to raise.) Lovely seaming lines too.

Claire Shaeffer's newest jacket is also very beautiful. I'll probably raise those pockets up to give some fullness to the bustline. Gosh those sleeves are pretty. I love it!

Vogue 9004 is a neat architectural top. The neckline is making my eyes twitch though. I wonder if it would lose its drama if I evened it out?

I'm usually not a big fan of cowl necklines on my body, again because my girls would get lost in all the fabric. But I like the looks of view A on Vogue 9006. The front princess seaming would enable me to sew some definition into the bust area. It looks easy to make and easy to wear.

Lastly, I really like the lingerie pattern, Vogue 9015. Silk nightgowns are impossible to find. When I was getting married 14 years ago, I bought several silk chemise and robe sets at Dillard's (I think). That is now a thing of the past. Probably I could find some at fancier department stores like Saks, but I never shop at those. Might as well make it myself, right?

It is a really nice collection in which I found a lot to like. Someone on Vogue's facebook page complained about the volume of dress patterns but I couldn't disagree more. I love dresses. They're simple, feminine, easy to pull out and not have to think about.

Now I've only to wait for a good sale!