Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few new Smiplicity patterns

Simplicity has new patterns up. I actually saw these at Jo-Ann's last week while they were having a 5 for $5.00 sale. I picked up two.

This first one is 2665, a jr. pattern. I just love that vest with inset buttons combo. There's even some fabric in my stash calling its name, so plan to see that soon.

And I picked up this fun little skirt. I've got no plans for it, just thought it was cute for something casual.

Okay, I must upload my knitted vest pictures from last week later today. Sheesh, what is taking me so long to get around to that?!


  1. I am all over that first pattern the next time Hancock's has a Simplicity sale. I love those shorts and that vest.

  2. I also like those cimbination patterns.

  3. Well shoot. I missed the Simplicity sale again. Drat it. Maybe they will be on sale again soon! I saw several of the new ones either for me or my girl Lu.

  4. Great choices! These patterns are gorgeous :)