Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vogue 8742 - Copper & brown lace dress

Sometimes when I look through an online fabric store, I like to type certain things in the search field and see what pops up. "Yellow", "embroidered", "wool doubleknit" and "silk jersey" are some of my favorites. Right after I'd made my eggplant military jacket I did a search for "copper" on Mood's website, and it pulled up this lace. I thought it would be perfect for a little top to wear under my jacket, so I ordered 1.5 yards with no real pattern in mind. Surprise! Turns out it really wanted to be a dress. It's funny how fabric can be so opinionated sometimes, right?

I've been wanting a lace dress for awhile now, and also have been wanting to try this pattern, Vogue 8742. I like the simplicity of the design with the front gathers to give it some interest. I underlined the lace with a winter white ponte knit bought locally. Since Vogue didn't bother to include finished measurements on the pattern pieces (I'm shaking my finger at you, Vogue!), I added up all the measurements at the bust, waist and hips, and subtracted the seam allowances. I then cut a 10 on top tapering out to a 12 through the waist and hips. This pattern is described as "close-fitting" and it certainly is, especially in this stable knit.

I paid special attention when cutting this out that the lace lined up horizontally.

I added the scalloped portion of the lace to the sleeve and bottom hems after the underlining was attached and all vertical seams sewn. I then made facings for those areas, understitched them, graded the seams and hand-sewed them in place with a loose whip stitch.

I really like that this pattern doesn't call for a zipper at the back, but merely an opening with a hook and eye closure. I opted for a button and a thread loop.

I love this dress! It looks pretty on its own (with a necklace though!) as well as with my jacket that has matching copper buttons.