Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Okay, about Butterick 5277...

Yesterday I posted about my failed Christmas dress from Butterick 5277, and I've gotten some feedback thanking me for the heads-up about this pattern being a dud.

Please do not misunderstand, I don't think there's any major flaws to it. If you loved it before my post about it, make it! I still think it's really pretty. The reasons mine bombed are that I didn't understand the fitting around the bust/sleeves and I choose the wrong fabric. I totally think were I to try it again, I would be successful. However, I did throw it away because a. it was lethargic to get rid of it after all my frustration, and b. I know myself. Were I to put it back in my pattern drawer I would always remember all the problems and I would never get around to making it again. You can think of it as a superstition of sorts. Once cursed, always cursed with that particular pattern, or something like that.

Here are my suggestions for successfully making this pattern:
1. The top must be fitted. I cut mine too big and had major gaping at the sleeves. The result was not pretty and displayed my undergarments.
2. Crape-back satin isn't the best choice of fabrics, in my opinion. It is too thin for this simple little sheath.
3. The underarm seams really need to be interfaced. Probably the neck as well if making views A or B.
4. If making view C and you want your collar to stand up like the drawing, interfacing needs to be added unless you are using a stiff fabric.

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  1. So it was not a waste of time at all. You learnt a lot! Have a very merry Christmas and here's to a great 2009 sewing wise.
    Oh, and have you thrown out the dress too? Because it could be turned into a cute skirt....