Sunday, December 7, 2008

BWOF 12-2008-118 - Black wool skirt

Here's my new skirt! Hurray, something for me!! Okay, so this was totally not on my radar to make. I surprisingly did not own a black skirt, but really wasn't feeling the need for one either. And then I got the December magazine in the mail and fell completely in love with this design. I had all the materials in my stash so didn't have to buy anything. And what do you know? With this one little addition I suddenly have 3 new outfits!

Here's the back. It's looking like a nice black blob, right? Don't worry, the next few pictures are in full sun so you can see the details.

Let's start with the black-line drawing so you can see exactly what is going on here. I've scanned it for you because Burda never puts the drawings of the back on their website. Grrr, that's a pet peeve.


Side one:
(Notice the slight amount of bulk at the waistline. This is why I always plan to wear this with a belt. Even the model in the magazine picture has one on.)

Side two:


Zipper closing:

Inside picture of lining:

Magazine picture:
I've decided I need to find a cute wide belt like this one.
And what is up with this pose? She's covering the lines of the skirt with her clutch. Sometimes the pictures they choose to show off their designs leave me scratching my head.

Well, this practically flew off my machine. And I even had some fit issues since it's my first BWOF bottom. I'm done with all the costumes and am back to garment sewing!!! I am making a few Christmas gifts, though, but will have to wait until after the holiday to post pictures of those.


  1. Love the new skirt on you! I saw that one in my recently acquired BWOF and thought it was a I know it is!

  2. Love that skirt! I looks amazing on you!

  3. So feminine! I may have to consider this now too...

  4. Perfect timing! I just traced this off this afternoon. I'm a little baffled by the fly front. All of the other fly front I have done have that extra flap you fold back and the two sides look identical. I know how to do that kind but I'll have to think about this one before I tackle it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Yes, that is a very cute skirt. And beautifully made as usual.

  6. That's a great skirt - thanks for showing it much better than the magazine did (I always think they messed up the sewing when they hide half the garment like that!)

  7. Lovely skirt! This one is on my to do list.......

  8. Very stylish. I just got a BWOF subscription for my birthday!

  9. This model caught my eye too! You look amazing!

  10. Really great skirt Amanda! I skimmed completely over that one in the mag. embroidery machine is a Bernina Artista 170. I reviewed it on PR! I bought it gently used for a really nice price & its been a great machine.

  11. Love the skirt, I have to got mine!

  12. Looking good, lady. I love this one too. This is on my radar to make. When I don't know. lol

  13. Great skirt, I prefer you're version to the magazine's! I'll have to go back and bookmark that one!

  14. Oh, what a great design. So flattering. I may have to queue that one, too!

  15. You mean you don't stand around posing like that at parties and church gatherings? LOL! Love the skirt, BTW.

  16. Hi there,

    The fitting issue with the skirt back is caused either by your waist sloping down in the back, or a sway back. You can fix this easily in your patterns so you only have to wear a belt if you want to!

    Have a helpful assistant pin the fullness out as a dart horizontally under the waistband and tapering to the side seams.

    Measure this amount and on your pattern shave off the excess from the top of the pattern at the center back taking it to nothing at the side seam.

    I would guess that between 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch taken out of the pattern would make a huge difference.

    The pattern will look a bit strange after you do this as the back waist will be scooped out, but it will work for sure.

    happy skirt wearing!