Monday, December 15, 2008

Butterick 3525 - Sheer animal print blouse

Here's a cute blouse to match my new skirt. Like my belt? It is nice from the front, but not from the back (too tight - makes the skirt bunch, and the leather is longer on one side then the other). I found this at Dillard's in the clearance rack, but they didn't have my size. So I then drove to two other stores until I found it. Now I have to return it. Grrrr. Okay, back to the blouse.

I love sheers but have a hard time finding patterns to make them up in. Since this fabric has a black background, I was able to use black interfacing at the collar, front placket, and cuffs.

I took it in on the sides for a more fitted look. But oops, I took it in too much, so had to remove the back darts.

I love these cuffs. They're what drew me to this pattern.

Here's a close-up of the front button placket:

This design has the collar and collar-stand as one piece. I am not fond of this element because the collar flops off to the sides. I had to really starch the heck out of it to get the collar to stay in place. I'll not be doing that again.

I used french seams for the sides and sleeves. The hem was a simple 5/8" double turn under.

Instead of my usual bias tape finish at the armholes, I opted to just trim it to 3/8" and zig-zag. I didn't want black bias tape showing through at the armpits.

Here's the pattern. I've had it for awhile so now it's OOP. This is one of those patterns I've made over and over. But because of the collar-stand issue it's going into retirement.

Here's my little Daniel wanting to join in on the photo-shoot. He wasn't dressed yet and it was a little chilly so we told him he'd have to get some clothes on before he could come outside. He came back wearing this "outfit".


  1. That looks gorgeous! The sheer fabric choice just gives it the perfect extra "oomph".

  2. Another great success. I really love your style and creations.

    Little Daniel made me smile! Great outfit, too. Like mother, like son ;)

  3. What a great shirt, love it. And it looks wonderful with that gorgeous skirt! Love your little guy in his outfit- he's about the same age as my little guy, so I can relate!

  4. I love the cuffs too! beautiful job!

  5. When I tell my son to put some clothes on he usually just takes off his diaper and put that on his head.
    You're really into French seams aren't you? That's okay, so am I.

  6. Very classy! Too bad the belt isn't working for you because it's perfect with that outfit.

  7. Your beautiful blouse is a perfect match for that "too" cute Burda skirt. BTW- Daniel is adorable.

  8. Good to see Daniel has the two most important areas covered and warm - so cute!

    And I love your blouse. That fabric is gorgeous and you have done a wonderful job as usual.

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  10. Gorgeous! Where did you get that fabric? I'm afraid of animal prints, but that one has a wonderful mix of floral... beautiful blouse!

  11. LOVE that blouse! The entire outfit is fabulous!!!

  12. Thanks, people! Kristine, I got the fabric several years ago at JoAnne's. I'm with you on animal prints - I usually steer clear.