Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Simplicity patterns!

Finally, some new patterns to report. Check out the new Simplicity line here. I'm basically seeing more of the same of last spring and summer: blousy dresses and tops, maternity-looking tops, and pleated skirts. These aren't bad looks, I've just seen them before.

I've decided to start wearing more dresses this summer instead of my boring denim capris, so I was happy to see this pattern:

Some of these views are a bit young for me. I like the dress on the top, second from the left (on the blacklines below). Maybe without the bodice pleats and the tie and belt loops going all the way around.

These pants look promising:

They also have a really cute goddess-length dress that I think might be popular. Problem is, I don't like long skirts on my body, so I'll pass on it. What do you people think of this new spread?


  1. I agree with you - nothing new there. Pretty boring! :(

  2. Nothing new as far as style, but the pants pattern may have an "Amazing Fit". I made the earlier Amazing Fit pattern and it's a dream.

  3. Amanda, thanks so much for sharing this. I never have time to check much except your are my connection to the sewing world dearie! I like the dress you picked and didn't really see anything on Simplicity that jumped out at me. I do like the cut of those pants though. Thanks again!

  4. they are cute but nothing new. I am curious about the project runway patterns. Have you used them? I have some in my stash but haven't try them--too many choices and pattern sheets!

  5. Just tumbled over your blog and now I need to tell how much I adore your FO's - wish I would ever be able to sew as you do :-)

  6. Cute picks, but I've sworn off new patterns for the time being. 1: Already own too many! 2: Subscription to BWOF! 3: Want to try copied some RTW pairs from my closet! But thanks for being on the look-out for all of us!!!