Monday, October 6, 2008


This is my Back-To-School U-Neck vest from Fitted Knits that I started way back here, minus the neck edging. This turned out really big, which is why I'm so bummed. I kept thinking it would tighten up once I got the trim on it. And since it is knit bottom-up, I couldn't really see how large it was until the shoulder seams were sewn together. So, 5 weeks spent knitting down the drain. I'm so new to this that I haven't figured out how to pick yarn either. This doesn't drape very nicely. I don't know if it's because it's too big or what. The one thing that's slightly comforting is that I can unravel the yarn and use it for something else. Since I already bought matching fabric to make a complete outfit, I'm going to try using this yarn for Mina's Tuxedo Vest from Custom Knits, pictured below. I'm planning to extend the ribbing to hit right below my belly button. I certainly have plenty of yarn.

But, I'm sick of looking at that brown color, so I'm starting my next project. It's the Turtleneck Tube Vest, also from Fitted Knits.

I picked the pink to match a recently sewn jacket that I love but don't have anything to wear under. I've got the first 2 inches out of 4 done for the neck and am loving this bamboo yarn. It's so soft and has a great sheen. I'll show you the complete outfit once I'm done with this turtleneck. Pray for me that I don't end up with 2 knitted wadders in a row. I'm going to be so depressed if that happens.


  1. sorry Amanda. It's probably not much consolation, but I'm sure you learned a lot by the it's not all in vain.

    Since I'm not really a knitter I don't know what to suggest other than taking measurements as you go along so that maybe you can make adjustments before the end??

    Also, if the yarn happens to be wool, perhaps it would shrink some in steaming/blocking. Just a thought.

    Love, Mom

  2. That's too bad it didn't work out. Were you planning on wearing it over a shirt? I was just thinking that maybe being a little big would be okay in that case.

  3. Marta,
    Yes, I was going to wear it over a shirt. That was how I tried it on. VERY big and unflattering.

  4. It always helps me when substituting yarn to know what the original yarn "feels" like. I look for it at my local yarn shop and if not try to get as much info about feel and drape before I find something similar. Just matching the gauge has led me into poor substitutions!

  5. Oh please, please try blocking it before you give up on it. It's looking like it's well made but just needs the final finishing of blocking, which will make a HUGE difference!