Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Butterick patterns!

Butterick finally put their winter patterns online. Check them out here. The following are my picks:

Wide necked dresses are so popular right now. I haven't loved any of the patterns with this design element until now. View C is my pick. I think the asymmetrical wide collar is so cute, especially with a pretty pin. Goodness knows I don't need another dress pattern. Oh well, I'll probably buy it anyway...

I'm planning to make some knit tops this winter. (My previous post shows all the knits I bought to make into tops.) So I was super excited to see this pattern. View D is my favorite, with the off-center twist and long sleeves.

Okay, I like it but I'm slightly annoyed at the timing. I just made a ruffle front blouse, and I had to fiddle with the pattern to get the right ruffle and sleeve to fit what was in my mind. And 2 weeks later Butterick comes out with the exact same style. Not that I care if other people have the look, just that this could have come in handy 2 weeks ago when I was making my version! Anywho, I do like view C with the pleated yoke, so will probably buy this one as well.

Here's the dress I'm currently working on:

And here's a new pattern Butterick just came out with:

Look familiar?!! This is the exact same dress!!! So if anyone likes the Vogue, buy the See&Sew Butterick for $2.99 and save yourself a little money.

I'm planning to have my Vogue dress completed tonight and posted tomorrow. That is unless I get stuck in it again and have to cut my way out. I think my zipper is a dud.


  1. you've inspired me so much (that and finding it tough to find just the right fit for my shape) that i've finally finished the mock-up of an easy top pattern last night. it was one that could be either a dress or a shorter top and i cut the lengthe to somewhere between the two. i've got the pieces cut out and started for the official version. i definitely learned from the mockup so i'm glad i did it first on some cheap stuff. :) now, i most definitely will NOT show you the insides of my work :) but i'll try to post it when it's finished - of course, with YOU in mind. :)

    by the way - i made it out of a stretch crushed velvety-type fabric (see, i'm so bad i don't even know the names of the fabrics - clueless!) ;) any tips on making the seams look nice inside? should i zigzag them since i clearly don't have a serger? your advice/tips... welcomed.

  2. Wow, Heidi, you go girl!!! I NEVER know the names of fabrics, either, unless it's denim, wool, jersey, easy stuff. Does this stretch crushed velvety-type fabric fray or ravel? If not, don't worry about finishing the edges. A zig-zag on the edges of a stretchy fabric is going to be messy and bulky. You could do french seams for a neat finish. If your fabric frays at the edges, email me and I will describe the technique to you. It's pretty easy. Your mockup is called making a muslin, which is a very good habit to get into. I should do that more then I do. I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see your finished result! One of the greatest rewards of making your own clothes is getting something that fits really well.

  3. maybe you should do a post describing how to do the technique so others can take advantage of your instructions too. in fact, i'm voting now that you do a weekly tip or tutorial. :) :) :)

    question - do you cut extra fabric to have room for the french seams?

    i think it might fray.. i went ahead and zigzagged 2 areas before i came back to read this. i'll check back for more ideas fro you - or just email me. thanks!

  4. I love some of the new patterns out!