Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Vogue patterns!

Vogue has their new line of patterns up. Check them out here. There's quite a bit of choice - something for everyone, it seems. I found 3 that I'll definitely be purchasing, and 1 that I like and will think about.

This first one is my favorite, 8532. It's totally me. Fitted, tailored, refined, with an interesting neckline. Does look a bit low and off the shoulders. I'll have to make a muslin for sure. Check out the blackline drawing to see what the back does. I like both views.

This next one is 8536. After my latest knit shirt success, I'm wanting to make a few t-shirts. I especially like the mock-wrap green one. These have a small amount of gathering at the bust side seams for a flattering fit.

I just love the knit shirt on 8546. It has an interesting neckline and front and back princess seams. The pants look nice, too.

The last is 8533. I like the tunic with contrast neck and sleeve bands. I'm sure I've seen this same design from other pattern companies. Not sure I love it enough to add it to my collection...


  1. That new shaped t- shirt totally rocks - and I can see you in the V8532 - I think you'd carry that off beautifully!

  2. That first dress looks exactly like you! I can't wait to see it made up. Man I hope you & Sherrill are wrong and I'm not getting sick!! It's almost the weekend (prime sewing time) and that would be a real bummer. But thanks for the support on the forgetful thing, LOL. Nice to know I'm not the only one wading through fog these days!

  3. Very nice selection of patterns. I know your versions will be exquisite. BTW - I nominated you for the Brillant Weblog Premio - 2008 award. ;-)