Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Simplicity 2961 - Pink & brown "cold shoulder" top

Here's my newest wardrobe addition:

Here's the back view:

This was suppose to be fast and easy. As with everything I've made lately, it feels like I do more seam ripping then actual sewing. I knew this was going to be blousy, and since I just made the yellow muumuu top with an elastic casing around the bottom, I thought I'd change it up and use a drawstring to cinch up the waist. I spent a bunch of time working on that idea and then tried it on. UGLY!!! Hmmm, I guess I'll do an elastic casing after all. I did 3 around the bottom so it wouldn't look exactly like the other shirt.

Here is a picture of the inside. I put french seams down the sides and covered the armpit seams with pink bias tape. I like to cover exposed seams when possible. This gives the garment a really clean look.

I saw this pattern and thought it was interesting and unlike anything I have. Then I found a crinkly shiny fabric (just like the girl in pink on the pattern envelope) and inspiration was born.

The arm bands are just a tiny bit too tight, but I wasn't about to do any more seam ripping for that minor an issue. Otherwise, it's pretty comfortable. What do you think?


  1. very cute! i love the colors in the fabric - the images are fun but really nice... lovely choice!

  2. Nice job, Amanda! I agree, knowing the inside is cleanly finished makes me stand up a little taller when I where my creations!

  3. I totally missed this pattern! Very similar to the Burda top i just made, huh? I like yours!