Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Burda 7937 - White floral top w/ red tie detail

I made this for summer a few months ago. This was my first time using a Burda pattern. I actually had the fabric first and went looking for a pattern that it might look good as. Here is the front view:

Here is the back view:

Here's a close up of the corset detail:

Notice the small shimmery dots on this fabric? They're nice, but every time I wash it, some more pop off in the washer and dryer. Since this gal is not especially fond of hand washing, I'm not sure how long they'll be there. But that's okay, because I really like it either way.

Here's the pattern envelope:

I bought an eyelet installer and used it for the first time too. That was so fun! Well, this turned out well and I really like it.


  1. Love this top. The corseted detail really makes it unique.

  2. i agree - the ties are great! WELL DONE!

  3. Great top, great blog! I've added you to my "favorites" list, hope you don't mind! It is so nice to get feedback from ladies that understand all the work involved, isn't it?