Thursday, July 31, 2008

Newlook 6629 - White floral butterfly top

Oh, I had so much fun with this little top. It was so easy, I only had one small fit issue, and I got to do some hand sewing. (Which I really enjoy, in small increments.) This fabric is a light cotton print with small butterflies. So, I've heard of a FBA (full bust adjustment). Is there such a thing as a SMA - small bust adjustment? Because that was my only fit issue. Here's the back:

The waist inset was cut on the bias, which I think is very flattering. It also took the applied ribbon well. (More on that in a bit.) Bias tape was used along the neckline and armholes instead of facings. The pattern included both of those elements. It did look a little low on the model, so I raised the front neckline an inch or so. Also, I had to include a fabric inset along the button line. Why they didn't provide this, I don't know. One slight move and you'd be exposing yourself. You can see this in the picture below if you click on it to make it bigger.

And here's a picture of the inside. I but double fold bias tape along the front seams and used french seams everywhere else, so there aren't any exposed finished fabric edges. I don't have a serger. I do use a zigzag to finish seams, but it's never as neat a finish.

And now we come to the actual pattern envelope. I made view C. I fell in love with the design all because of that little ribbon belt. I chose fabrics around what color I could find for that ribbon. I'm making matching green capris and have matching shoes to boot. I get it all stitched up and find I really am not that hot about the ribbon belt. Maybe I should have used a wider ribbon? I thought I would leave it there until I get the pants made and then decide if it stays or not. But then all the pictures taken of this shirt during my "photo shoot" show that dang ribbon flying up on one side! (I'm thinking beads on the ends aren't really the look I'm going for.) Now I'm really leaning toward removing it.

The pants are up next. I've gone through my projects and selected what I'm going to finish for summer and what's going to get put away to be made next year. Fall is knocking on my door even though it's going to be hot here in Texas for at least 3 more months!


  1. There is such a thing as a SBA. Dawn at Two On, Two Off just wrote about it.

    Love the blouse, beautiful work!

  2. seth walked in and asked what i was looking at. i explained. he said "that's very cute - isn't it?" yes indeed. :) then he said, "mama, look! there's a little path in it!" then he pointed to the little dashed lines twirling around by the flowers. :) good thinking kiddo! (oh, i thought the ribbon was sweet.)

  3. and one more thing - THE INSIDE OF YOUR BLOUSE IS SOOOO NICE! i remember when i wanted you to teach me to sew. i can't imagine having learned to do things as beautifully as you have done. impressive my dear!

  4. Heidi,
    I don't remember you wanting to learn to sew. What happened to that idea? Did I turn you down?(!!!) Hopefully not. Whenever someone wants me to make something for them, I offer to teach a lesson or two instead. Which, by the way, nobody has yet to take me up on. Anyway, it's just a process you have to go through to get things looking neat. I've just recently started making casual clothing, as I use to use lining to get the insides how I wanted them. So everything I made was for church. But now I've learned a few techniques that make casual clothing fun to make. I think I'm a little backwards in that most people start with casual and work their way up to linings.

  5. I used french seams and binding for years before getting a serger. It is a nice finish and I still use a binding finish on summer jackets!

  6. i was sewing some simle things - like curtains... i can't recall what brought us to the sewing conversation - you actually said you would but i'd have to do it your way. :) i knew that meant you'd teach me really good technique... maybe that was all just before i got pregnant and then the up-in-the-air season waiting to see if we were going to get new orders to move - and we did... and then SpawGlass was nice enough to let me leave early before seth was born. ;) i bet all that mixed into the time frame so i never took you up on it.

    i basically self-taught (with lots of online instructions and asking a few questions here and there) to make a few simple things (like a quilt for seth, a fleece jacket for jason)... i still have a few clothing items i want to make but haven't made the time. too many moves in too few years. :) maybe next year.

    i might be asking you to do tutorials on your blog come that time. :)

  7. oh I noticed the ribbon right off and thought it was such a sweet touch! I like the width & everything. Beautiful top too, your construction is amazing. I almost never take the time to make the inside as pretty as this one!