Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yet another wadder and fabric woes

I wish I had something to show for my week of hard sewing. I was making a little black dress, a wardrobe staple that I am missing in my closet. Well, I'm still missing it, because that project is not going to make it. I really don't want to think about it right now, it's depressing to me.

To clear the air, I thought I'd cut out a cute easy and without lining pair of capris. I've had this embroidered denim for at least a year, and I didn't have much of it. So after placing my pattern pieces this way and that, I finally got them to fit in. Then I got the first front leg piece cut and noticed this lovely hole. Keep in mind it is right in the top front of the pants!!!

I was so irritated! To think I had saved this fabric for so long and not noticed this tiny hole before cutting the first piece! Okay, regroup, could I make a skirt or pair of shorts? Looking through pattern stash now. Hmmm... I get up and notice for the first time the embroidered roses don't look quite right. Notice that big void on the left side of the fabric? That would have been the left front of my capris.

And upon closer inspection, I notice the rows of roses aren't even straight. They curve this way and that.

Despite all this irritation, I'm actually glad the first piece had the hole. I'm not sure I would have noticed the fabric irregularities until after the garment was sewn up, and that would be the third wadder in a row!!! I can't remember the last time I've had so many problems. Sigh.


  1. Hi Amanda! I just wanted to say that I just found your blog through and absolutely love it. I just started sewing again and was inspired by fellow bloggers to start one. I will definitely add you to my favorite blog list.

  2. Sorry your having so much trouble! A few weeks ago I made a dress out of fabric with a flaw and didn't notice it until I was finished. I nearly cried. LOL I took the completed dress and my receipt for the fabric back to the fabric store and they refunded my money. Can you believe it?!?!