Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Here's what my boys went as this year:

Nathan was a magician. We bought the hat, wand, bowtie and gloves off, but the cape was made by me several years ago. I really need to make another one, they often fight over wearing it.

Daniel went as a viking. The helmet and battle ax (it's all about the weapon for boys, right?) were also purchased online. Those pants are a permanent fixture in our dress-up basket - don't tell but I got them in the girl's section of Walmart. The tunic and breastplate were made by me from Simplicity 5520.

Having used this pattern before for the knight costume and headpiece of Nathan's spider costume from last year, I knew the hood would need to be modified. I cut it longer and eliminated the front part that is suppose to close under the chin. A small area was left open at the back of the neck to stretch over the head. Then I stitched it to the tunic so it's an all-in-one hoody. This is a straight size 5.

The breastplate was actually really fun to make and was my first time using batting. I couldn't find the exact shade of pewter metallic fabric, so was forced to buy some really shiny silver. However, after visiting the cutting table I wandered over to the isle with the fabric dye and guess what else was there? Fabric paint! I bought some in black and distressed the breastplate after it was completely sewn. Pretty darn cute, right?

The fabric paint was actually really easy to use and I can see myself creating some custom painted or stenciled fabrics in the future.

My boys were thrilled with their costumes and already have ideas for next year. Of course I was finishing this up on Saturday with the fall festival to attend on Sunday. Why do I always wait until the last minute with costumes?!


  1. It's all about the weapons for my grandsons that for sure. Cute costumes.

  2. Well done! They're adorable, and what little hams!

  3. Awesome viking costume! It was one of the choices for my son's costume too, but he ultimately picked dinosaur.

    Both boys are very cute in their getup. :-)

  4. Wow - well done! Great costumes.

  5. Gorgeous boys! So clever with the paint idea...

  6. Great costumes and handsome boys! I love the breast plate you made. What fun!

  7. great costumes! My husband still has fond memories of the Zorro cape his mother sewed for him when he was a little boy.

  8. What cuties!!! Such great costumes!!! They should look forward to many more great costumes to come!!!

  9. I always wait until the last minute on my costumes, too. I'm always afraid they'll change their minds and want something else.

    I love the boys costumes. They look adorable! It's all about the weapons with my son, too.