Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall/winter must-haves

Here's my list of trendy garments I'd like to sew this fall and winter:

1. Pussybow blouse

Zara blouse
I've actually completed a sleeveless version of this blouse and am just waiting for some good lighting to take pictures.

2. Cape

Burda October 2011 issue
I love this cape! The fabric has already been ordered - a lovely olive wool and angora blend - and will be here on the UPS truck next week. I hope it's as nice a fabric as I'm envisioning!

3. Military inspired jacket

Duchess Kate's Alexander McQueen coat dress
I actually have two jackets planned in the military look, but am not sure I'll get to both.
4. Something in mustard yellow

Victoria Beckham dress
I do love yellow, so this trend was a no-brainer. I'm planning a fitted skirt in mustard wool crepe, and already have the fabric in my stash from last spring.

5. Mixed fabrics garment - like leather & wool doubleknit

Stella McCartney dress
I don't love this dress but it's a good example of this multi-fabric mixing trend. I have two garments planned - a skirt and a really awesome dress. The dress is up next after I complete a Halloween costume and another something for Rachel.
6. Statement skirt

Vionnet skirt
This will be a simple straight skirt in an incredible green and yellow silk dupioni print.
7. Metallic garment

Marc Jacobs skirt
Burda October 2011 issue

Metallics are hot right now, as I'm sure most of you know. I'd like to have both of these exact pieces in my wardrobe. The metallic leather was purchased last spring and the metallic jersey I recently bought from (I just checked, they seem to have sold out of it.)
8. Lace dress

Milly lace dress
If I could figure out how to knock off this exact dress, I'd be one happy camper. I bought some pretty cotton lace from some time ago - a Milly fabric from their Spring 2011 show - and am planning to die it navy. 

9. Tuxedo jacket

Jason Wu tuxedo jacket
Okay, I love this exact jacket with the double lapels. However, I'd already planned a velvet & satin version last fall which I never got around to and have the fabric purchased. This will be part of a fancy outfit I'm making for Les Miserables, which we'll be attending in January.

10. Menswear-inspired suit

I do not have an example picture for this one, but it will be in a grey checked wool suiting and will include pants.
11. Leather shorts

from the blog Atlantic-Pacific
These might be more of a cold-to-warmer-weather transitional piece for me. I'm not against the whole shorts with tights look, but leather shorts with tights and tall boots seems a bit tart-ish in my mind. Maybe it will be fine, I'll have to wait and see. Or perhaps a different shoe would be a better choice.
12. Wool shorts

Karl Lagerfeld's Macy's collection wool shorts
Now these I could wear with boots and not feel like a painted woman.

Isn't is fun to be able to sew and try out some of these trends without having to spend the mega bucks on the designer originals? What trends are your must haves this season?


  1. I want a lace dress in a bad way, too. And that military jacket is AMAZING. Good choices! Can't wait to see your finished products!

  2. Could you do the leather shorts and tights with booties? Booties don't look good with my legs so I don't have much experience with them but tights and booties seem to be a trend right now too.

    I love this list! You've definitely got me thinking now about what I should make for the upcoming seasons. Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. I love your plan for the coming season - your inspiration picks are fabulous! I am really looking forward to following your sewing adventures over the next few months - you are going to be turning out some really exciting garments!

  4. Nice picks! I am considering a lace dress, too, and Vogue 8766 looks like it might be useful. Can't wait to see what you make!

  5. I love your fall picks. I'm feeling the vibe. lol.

  6. Holy moly, have you been eavesdropping in my sewing room? I swear, I have been dying to have an event worthy of making the lace dress, searched high and low for the best tuxedo jacket pattern for me, and have the perfect pattern pulled for that black peplum dress! The only thing you didn't mention is the Missoni dress I have planned! Psychic much???

  7. Great picks! I love the wool-and-leather combo and just finished a tunic like that. I made a military style jacket last spring and having been wearing it constantly this fall. I love mustard yellow— will have to make something from a knit in that color. I've also been thinking of wool shorts for a while but I'm still not sure I can pull them off :)

    Looking forward to seeing all your versions!

  8. Love your thoughts on fall designs...good choices, and you've certainly given me a few extra ideas!

  9. You've got some great choices here, love so many of them.

  10. I love the bow blouse-what pattern are you using? I've made a few bow blouses using McCall's 5884 but the neck is quite different. Thanks for the great ideas!

  11. I can't wait to see the outfits you have planned. I also live in Texas so I get the shorts thing. When you live in a warm climate you have to get creative to get the "feel" of winter. I love the mixed prints idea and plan to make a second jacket using this trend as the first one was quite successful. Happy Halloween for you and your children.

  12. Olá Amanda, amei seu blog, suas costuras são perfeitas, um acabamento perfeito, adorei! Um abraço do Brasil para você!

  13. Hello Amanda, I loved his blog, its seams are perfect, um Perfect finish, I loved it! A hug from Brazil to YOU!

  14. I see we share many "must-haves", lol!!
    I am obsessing over a mustard yellow dress lately, even bought some mustard fabric... Yet I couldn't find the perfect mustard yellow color on fabric yet (the one I have is not as bright as I'd wish)

  15. Hello Amanda,
    I love your blog and I just wanted to say that some of your "must have" will be published in Burda decembre issue like the tuxedo jacket,the leather shorts.


  16. I love all these looks (except shorts, but they'd look good on you, but not me). Can't wait to see what you do.