Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vogue picks

The new winter Vogues have been released, much to my surprise. I thought they would send out the magazine first, like with the fall ones. I wasn't even stalking the website. Anyway, I am trying to be discerning and buy only the ones I absolutely love.

First up is 1265, a Pamella Roland design. I love the jacket looking front and the full swishy skirt in back.

It looks like this Kay Unger dress is going to be a favorite among seamstresses. Those sleeves! The tiny half belt with decorative buckle! The neckline reminds me of another Kay Unger pattern, Vogue 1241, which I have yet to make. I think this dress is really pretty, but this fabric is too shiny for my taste.

I own the famed Jalie jeans pattern - not that I've made it up yet - but really want some narrow legged red jeans. Skinny jeans found in stores are just too tight for me. I've tried on a bunch, but never seam to like them. They make my lower torso look huge in comparison to my legs, and I can't get use to the proportions.

So those are my picks! I like 8780, but every time I try on a vest or cardigan with waterfall front at a store, I'm swimming in all the fabric of the front. Those seem to be designed for women with larger "girls". I also like the colorblocked draped dress 8763, but am unsure how the back of it will turn out. If these patterns get made up and I like the looks of them, I will probably purchase them too.

I'm currently trying to get a silk top completed but am running into some fit issues. (Too big in the bust.) Hopefully that will be finished today. Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. Amanda
    Next time you try on the waterfall front spend time arranging the folds - don't just let them happen. I have small "girls" too and know of what you speak.

  2. They do have some great picks this season. I'm glad you mentioned the shiny fabric chosen for the Kay Unger dress. Until you mentioned it, I thought I didn't like the dress, but it's just the fabric. This is a great shape.

    I really want to try that first dress as soon as possible. What a fun shape between the front and back.

  3. Oh noooo! I'm going to have to get the Pamela Roland one, I love front and back.

    Love your blog, by the way! Have been reading along for quite a while now...

  4. I feel the same way about the jeans (and I also have the Jalie jeans unmade).

    I think you are right about waterfall cardigans. I have large "girls" and the one I made is pretty flattering. I know, however, I could not wear that fabulous black dress at the top of your post!

  5. Your pick was pretty much my pick for this new release with others you didn't include. I love the Kay Unger dress and I didn't put it in my selection because it was too evening. However if it was done in a wool crepe it would look less formal and could be worn in a office environment. I also agree with wanting some red jeans and this pattern would be great for that if the fit is as good as it looks on the model.

  6. Great picks, as always. Your observations on the Kay Unger dress reminded me how important choice of fabric can be - at first glance I didn't adore the dress but when I read what you had to say I realised that it was actually the fabric that I didn't like. You are right - it is too shiny and I think it looks a little cheap (although it probably wasn't!). The construction lines of this dress are really nice and, in the right fabric, I think it would be fabulous. I also love the first dress you picked out - the back is unexpected and very lovely!

  7. I would love to hear how the Vogue jeans-pattern worked for you! I bought the Jalie Pattern and made it, according to the sizing on the envelope, a little to big, but once I finished they were approx. two sizes too small! I was devastated! Having spend hours and hours topstitching and doing a special design for the back pockets. So pretty please let me know about the sizing on the Vogue pattern, before I make another expensive mistake.