Sunday, September 25, 2011

October Burda picks

Look what arrived in my mailbox last week:

Love this issue! There are a ton of styles I can see myself in, a few of which I previously blogged about. BTW, I ordered this single issue directly from GLP News, and it was $10. The price on the front is 6 Euros - that's around $10 US, right? So I'm not sure how much less expensive it would be to buy it in a store. Not that I can find a store that sells them anywhere in San Antonio.

(I like to document the styles I like from each issue, as they're easier for me to look through here on my blog instead of going through 3 years of magazines for a specific design.)

This is design 101, the same cape as the magazine cover photo, except slightly longer. I really like the shape of it. Other capes I've seen have more volume coming off the shoulder; this one has narrow shoulders and fans out at the hemline. I'm also liking the front zip and hood.

For a long skirt, 103 definitely has a lot of shape. Love the bias plaid paired with a chambray button down.

Pretty and interesting blouse. The Peter Pan collar is a fun girly touch.

This dress is the same pattern as the blouse before it, but cut longer. I'm not sure I'd need one of each in my closet. I have been looking for a 3/4 sleeve like this one for awhile now. Most have too much volume but this one looks just right. Even if I never make the dress, I will certainly be tracing off the sleeve to use with other patterns.

Cute! Like the black and white. It's a simple dress that can be worn lots of different ways.

Nice basic skirt with front buttoning pockets and topstitching. Reminds me of this skirt without the front pleats, which I have gotten a lot of wear from.

Love. Sleeves have too much volume to me with all those ruffle and tie going on. Maybe I'll use the sleeve from the white blouse.

Pretty, although I've been over puff sleeves for awhile now. This dress is sized for petites, so I'd have to figure out how to un-petite it.

Nice pants. I like the leg shape and front welt pockets.

This is a pretty tie-neck blouse. I would love to find the same fabric for mine.

This vest looks like a great layering piece. Not sure I'll ever make it, but I do like it.

That makes 11 designs in total that I could see hanging in my closet, an all time record from a single issue I believe. I am so pleased to be able to buy single issues of Burda. Thanks again to everyone who chimed in about where I could purchase it!


  1. Excellent patterns! Wish I had that cape pattern last year when I made mine. The hood and lapped zip front look very nice.

  2. I loved the pants on the cover. I'm sad there wasn't a pattern for them.

  3. Yeah there are alot of pieces that are definitely so YOU! Can't wait til' you start making them:)

  4. Beautiful.... I would like to sew a black blouse.... very elegant... thanks a lot....

  5. My subscription ended, but I ordered Sept. and Oct. Individually from Fashionista Fabrics. Looking forward to their arrival, as I now *love* that black blouse with the the lace neckline!

  6. I also buy single issues of the Burda magazine. In some issues there are a lot of interesting designs, other months there is nothing you can't miss. I just started with the black dress with lace insert. The muslin looks pretty good, even it is a petite sizing. Maybe because I'm short wasted the bodice still fits without adjustments.

  7. you get Burda SO far in advance! (comparing to us), usualy Burda is available to buy in Moscaw at 29h or so ... Plus a week in Vladivostock, where I live, plus three weeks if you subscribe to it! That's why I never subscribe - just don't have the patience!
    Have you decided what to sew already?

  8. I've been drooling over my copy of this month's magazine ever since it arrived last week. There's lots in it that I really like and, as always, I love your picks. I definitely want to make the dress with the peter pan collar and that skirt with the topstitching is exactly the kind of skirt that I love to make, and wear. I know that you will make that one really beautifully because your topstitching is always perfect!

  9. Thanks for the round-up, love every piece you've listed. Burda have really improved over the last couple of months.

  10. Lovely patterns. I hope ill improve my sewing skills so i could make something close to that.

  11. I currently subscribe to Burda but have bought single issues in store for $13 each. There's just something so exciting about receiving one in the mail each month! Don't you think?

  12. About the un-petit'ing Burda pattern, it's not always necessary. Always make a muslin though. Being 5'9,75 myself and having made Burda models for about 10 years, the only change I've ever had to make, length-wise, is lengthening pant-legs.