Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Vogues, October Burda picks, and some Q&A's

There are a few topics I've wanted to do a post on, but time is a rare commodity these days. For starters, Vogue surprised me with releasing some fun new patterns. (I always wonder why their winter dresses are mostly short sleeved or sleeveless. Well anyway, I can always save these for warmer months.)

This first one, 1206, is a Kay Unger design. Now I like yellow, but this fabric is not the cutest IMO. I love the fitted bodice, front ruffles, tucked sleeves and midriff band.

Next up is a simple dress by Tom and Linda Platt, Vogue 1208. I like the ease of a pull on bias dress and the asymmetrical neckline, but am thinking of changing the leaf-looking ends of the side shoulder knot to something more squared off.

This jacket from Vogue 8701 is very nice, especially the bias insets at the side front and back. I'm not crazy about the green, but think it looks awesome in plaid. Not that I need yet another jacket pattern.

Moving on to Burda, I must state that this issue isn't my favorite of all time. Actually, I'm not chomping at the bit to make any of these designs. But I did find a few simple ones that might get made if I need something to match an outfit.

Jacket 107 looks cozy and stylish in the brown wool velour they've made it up in. Is this a fabric anyone comes across on a regular basis? I like the interesting lapels and slightly boxy shape for use as a casual overcoat.
Jacket 113 has a vintage shape and simple design. I can see this made up to match a winter dress or as part of a skirt suit as in the magazine.
I like the front slit and bias tying collar of top 118, but not the flipped up sleeve hems. I'm thinking it would be even cuter with the ties extending a bit longer.
The most exciting thing from this month's magazine? The previews for next month! Especially the velvet tuxedo jacket in midnight blue.

So, some of you might have noticed that I am not very good at answering questions. Especially if you asked me a question and it never got answered. My every intention is to get back to you right away. But life with three kids is busy!!! And you know I homeschool, right? Also I'm a bit computer challenged and can't figure out how to email back directly. Anyway, here are some questions from the past few posts:

On Corduroy butterfly baby skirt Sally asked:
I have a question that doesn't relate to this particular outfit and don't see any other way to contact you. This pertains to ITY knits. How do I know it is an ITY knit when I am in the store looking at fabrics? I have checked the ends of every bolt I see and never see that term. I even asked the store clerks and they had no idea what I was talking about. Help!

Um...??? ITY knits are thin and polyester, they don't wrinkle or shrink. I call it an ITY knit because that's what it is described as in the online store where I bought it. I know there's a precise definition out there. Anyone what to chime in here?

On Navy blue wool cropped jacket Catherine asked:
Question - when you fully line a jacket, where do you leave a hole for turning it right side out? Do you leave the bottom edge of the lining loose or do you leave a side seam on the lining not fully stitched? Thanks!

I always leave the bottom edge loose. I enjoy hand sewing and it seems like the neatest method, but I've not tried any of the others.

On Navy blue wool cropped jacket Sally asked:
This is a beautiful outfit! How did you make the jacket so "crisp", was it the interfacing?

I use interfacing on facings and collars. Any other "crispness" you might be referring to is the result of a high pressure steam iron and the use of a natural fabric.

On Gray & purple border print Cynthis Rowley skirt AuntieShel asked:
Thanks for showing us the side with the binding. I will be taking a second look at this pattern thanks to you!! Was it hard to get the length right with the binding and all?

All I did to extend the length was add 2 inches to the top of the skirt directly under the waistband. Besides the waist gathers, there was no other shaping to the skirt. Adding to the top was the easiest way to make it longer.

I wish I could write about some new project that is almost done, but sadly I've only completed a little bit of my next jacket. However, what I do have sewn is looking fabulous, and I'm hoping to find some time to work on it this weekend.


  1. The new Vogues are gorgeous! How did I miss those? I'll have to check those out, thank you for posting them.

  2. I ordered the separates pattern with that green jacket this week during their sale! I love those dresses too, but I've got so many backlogged, they'll never get sewn. Ha. :D Hope baby is going well! (and you too of course!)

  3. "doing". Not "going". ha. I didn't get much sleep last night! ;)

    which might explain why my word verification is ... "gones". My brain is "gones"

  4. Hey, I left your blog for Sew4Fn's and she had the definition of ITY in a Q&A a couple of days ago. Weird. Here's what she wrote

    "ITY = interlock twist yarn or integrated twisted yarn, depending on who you ask.

    The key word is twist. If you look very closely at the wrong side you will see the twisted yarn, but you will need super good eyesight. :)"

    **Hi Belinda!!**

  5. I love the first dress you posted and the jacket - they are definitely on my list! I'm really bad at answering blog questions too - I always mean to, but then it gets to be days later and I never remember!

  6. I'm kinda curious where you wear your jackets.Just needing some ideas as I do work part time and still hardly manage to wear all the clothes I make !

  7. You have great taste! Love your picks!

  8. I relly like that Vogue with the little tie on the shoulder - just enough detail to make it interesting. Hang in there with the kiddos. I know you are enjoying them despite all the craziness. I didn't know you homeschooled. I've been considering it a bit lateley but frankly, it terrifies me! I have a few more years to decide, though.

  9. Three kids, one brand new, sews the most amazing wardrobe ever and homeschools??? How do you do it? I'm tired just reading about it. I loved some of those new Vogue patterns too!! Hope you are all well and adjusting to life with baby girl :) !!

  10. I found out what ITY means: Interlock Twist Yarn. Refers to a manufacturing process for jersey knits.

  11. Thanks for answering my question, Amanda! I was thinking of you as I was hand-stitching in another hem last night. I definitely don't enjoy hand sewing!

  12. I thought the new Vogues were pretty, but for me, nothing that I needed right away. That's probably a good thing though, as I'm already ridiculously backlogged on projects. ;) Hope you and the babe are doing well.