Friday, October 29, 2010

November Burda picks

After stalking my mailbox for the past week, my November issue of Burda finally made an appearance today. I do look at the new designs online, usually on the Russia sight, but still like to have the magazine to look through before I make my picks.

Up first is this simple little dress, design 103. I actually have the perfect silk burnout velvet in my stash that I've been looking for a pattern to pair it with. The top is suppose to be chiffon with bias bindings around the neckline and armholes. It reminds me a lot of this dress, and those bindings in chiffon were a huge pain in the butt. I wonder if I could use some other material besides chiffon for the bindings, or possibly for the top of the dress as well.Jacket 104 is gorgeous in the magazine. I love the mix of fabrics with boucle being the main body, sequined tulle for the shaded areas, and zipper trim in between. Zipper trim! Does that stuff get anyone else excited? I've been wanting to use it on a project ever since I discovered JoAnn's carried it, and this one looks perfect. So fun!
Blouse 110 is super low cut, but I like it with the sequined cami they've paired it with on page 28. That's actually the dress version, which looks very 20's to me, but I don't think it would look too good on my square shape.
They're calling 121 a tuxedo jacket, I guess because its lapels and pocket flaps are out of satin. However, I adore all the interesting design lines and am not sure I'd distract from them with satin accents. I also think those design lines would be lost in a dark color. Hmmm, I'll have to think about this for awhile. Not that I need to make plans for yet another jacket.
I kind of like top 128, although you can' t really tell how it looks on the model since she's wearing it under a jacket.
Here's the jacket I'd like to do tuxedo style. I love their velvet and satin version, but would use the long sleeve design, 131.
I did start on a silk tunic last weekend, only to stop working on it halfway through since it's totally not fall or winter appropriate. Then I began a quilted vest/jacket but had to stop working on that too in order to get the Halloween costumes completed. Hopefully this weekend I'll have something new to post about. Have a great weekend!


  1. Muito legal seus look da Burda.bjos...

    Arlete Ateliê

  2. Wow, love these new patterns. And thanks for the update about zipper trim at Joanns. Great coupon idea!

  3. magazine should be coming soon. I really like that first dress. The burnout fabric will be perfect.

  4. November looks pretty good. Look forward to seeing what you make :)

  5. Hmm, they are all good picks. Yet they look so familiar. Burda must stop repeating themselves.

  6. As always, I love your picks. I'm definitely loving the velvet/chiffon dress but, like you, I was wondering about using some easier to work with fabrics - chiffon bindings sound pretty tricky to me!

  7. I always enjoy seeing your picks from Burda each month. I really like that second jacket with the zipper trim. I did not know that joann's carried it. Thanks for that info.

  8. When I've done velvet burnout or chiffon, I use the selvedge edge for binding. I just trim the selvedge off to make it about 1" and then sew it on like you would with regular bias. Much more stable and easy to work with.


  9. How sad is it that I've received November's Burda, but still haven't taken the plastic off of it? :/