Thursday, July 1, 2010

Burda picks for July

There has been lots of excitement in blogland about this newest Burda issue, and I must admit to loving it as well. It's stock full of fresh and current designs, fun details and fitted shapes. I feel like donning Heidi Klum and saying "Let's start the show!"

First up is this fun knit bubble skirt, design 108. In some of their pictures the lining is visible. I plan to shorten the lining to get rid of that issue, and also take several inches off the entire skirt length.
This next top is 111. What an interesting design!!! It's available in dress form as well, but I think I'll wear it more as a shirt. This is also for a knit.

Another flirty knit top I love is design 114, although in the magazine that tie does not appear quite so long. It's flattering and different without being weird.

This lovely little ruched skirt is 116, which I have already bought the fabric for day before yesterday. Here you can see the polka dot stretch tulle I ordered from, which is having a huge sale. I plan to make mine somewhere in between the short and long version, and the lining will be black as well.
Okay, I thought this next dress was very pretty but not something I would wear. That long scarf part would blow around and look silly when walking. BUT, I have since though that it might be better if the scarf was shortened in the front and sewn in between the top and dress bodice. That back long scarf could just be left off completely. Then the drape would only be over the shoulder. What do you think of that idea? The side ruching and cut look otherwise very flattering.
NOT that I need another jacket pattern to fall in love with, but I really like 118. I am always a sucker for back interest, and this has it with a pleated peplum. The zippers are another fun touch.

Another great dress is design 120, but finding the perfect fabric might be tricky. I think it would look best in a solid color, with the skirt and bodice inset in chiffon and the rest of the bodice in something sturdier, like a crepe. The magazine calls for linen jersey and stretch chiffon. Um, those aren't really fabrics I come across on a daily basis...
Flirty and feminine are the two words that come to mind for skirt 125. Maybe a wee bit shorter, though. However, cutting 108 circles of fabric for the hem treatment is not going to be a fun endeavor.
Skirt 126 is just a basic preppy style with fun back pleats. Didn't I just mention how I like back interest? Plus it's got side pockets behind those welts. Very cute!
So, what is that, 9 designs I like from a single issue? That's got to be my record. (March 2009 is a close second with 8.) What do you think of this month's selection? Did I miss any of your favorites?


  1. I agree that I think this is a really good issue. I don't sew a lot from the Burda mags, but there are a lot of things I want to make out of this issue.

    I too especially like the dress with the long scarf -- without the scarf. I was thinking the same thing about the dress.

  2. This is more better:
    ( Burda preview August, but German Language ):

  3. I love all your picks. I really like that jacket. I would love to make it in leather like in the magazine, but I have never sewn leather before.

  4. This issue looks pretty awesome. I love the drapey dress and top and that ruched skirt!

    I was wondering where you could individual issues of the magazine? I'm hesitant to get a subscription, as it seems that there's been more hits and misses in the past few issues...

  5. I love the jacket though I think I'd rather try my hands at 119 and the dress (120) you picked. I also love pants 127, which come in a tall size (I'm 5'11).
    there are a lot of interesting styles in that issue, no doubt...

  6. I really like the choices you posted too. I just made skirt #108and you are right, the lining needs to be shortened. I shortened mine by 1.5". Can't wait to see your first creation from this edition.

  7. I'm in love the the pants for talls. Almost all the tall patterns are for weird shapeless clothes. Some nice normal pants are exciting to me.

  8. I love all your picks. I think that your idea of dealing with that scarf attached to the dress is great - when I saw the photo I loved the dress but thought that in real life it would probably be impractical. I also loved the skirt 125 but, like you, thought that sewing all those circles would be time consuming (and fabric hungry) but it might just be worth it! One that you didn't mention that I rather like is 121/122.

  9. Great picks.

  10. Great picks. I'm particularly in love with the skirt with the pleated back and the jersey/chiffon dress.