Thursday, February 18, 2010

March 2010 Burda picks

The English Burda site is finally carrying the current magazine preview again. Here are the designs that caught my eye for next month:

First up is this cute pencil skirt, 106B. I like the interesting angled pockets in the front and welt pockets in the back. I might opt for a side invisible zipper instead of that front fly to cut down on bulk.
Dress 107 is by far my favorite pattern from this magazine. Love all the fitted construction lines and flirty sweetheart neckline. The pockets are nice as well. I have zero strapless dresses because I tend to think of them as super dressy. But if I made this in a stretch sateen it would be perfect for a summer date night.
I can see this next dress, 111, in a flowy asian-looking fabric. Maybe make the obi belt with a bright coordinating color.
This next jacket 121 is cropped at the waist and has lapels sewn flat in the front yokes. I usually like these shorter jackets because they provide great waist definition.
Blouse 122 is also a favorite. I always love a wrap top, especially if it's fitted. This one also looks to have a collar stand sewn to the collar, another big plus. I'm not a big fan of the extra long sleeves, but that's a simple fix.
Have you had a chance to look through the preview yet? What are your favorites?


  1. I am quite bent on getting this issue. Love most of the career style section and don't mind the looser flowy styles for the dresses or drape neck top. I am thinking along the lines of faster sewing up. The pants in the issue seem to have nice crisp lines too. I don't have one fave. Just looks like a good issue overall.

  2. I usually like to bypass the online preview so that I can have my fun when the issue arrives in the mail. But oh you make it difficult! Lurve the skirt and wrap blouse.

  3. I chosed the Blouse 122 too, and I'd like to alter the sleeves too. :-) I'm glad that long version of wrap top.
    My favourite dress is 132 for summer night, but it's a bit big for me so I have to alter this too.

  4. I must break out my sewing machine and give this a go. xx

  5. i just made the top 122 and its a winner. Love ur site