Monday, February 1, 2010

February Burda Picks

No, I did not finish my Vogue 8480 jacket by the end of January, unfortunately. But I got it mostly done in January and will make another jacket for February, so I think I'm still on track with my goal. Since I have nothing new to show you, how about some Burda picks from this month's magazine?

I really like the collar from this first design, jacket 101. That and the cute bell sleeves. I have the perfect thinnish faux leopard fur in my stash for this. Theirs was made from matelasse (???) and I can't tell from the picture if that's a thin or thick fabric. However, fur jackets are frequently rather bulky looking, so I think I'll be safe with what I've got.

Jacket 109 is a cute denim-styled design. It's a petite/half size pattern so I'll have to figure out how to un-petite it. Which will probably involve making a muslin. Don't look for this in the very near future. (I do make muslins on occasion, they're just few and far between.)

This is top 118. This would make a really great date-night blouse.

The little knit tops from Burda are always made in abundance, and I expect no less from this next design, 122. Although it's a bit off the shoulders for me. That should be an easy fix, though.

That's pretty much it. Pants 102 caught my eye if every I'm in need of a super simple pants pattern. What patterns did you like from this month?


  1. That puffy-collar jacket is very nice; it's uncannily like jacket 108 in 9-2007, the purple issue ( Another variation on that theme is puffy jacket 110 from 11/2009, in a raglan cut.

  2. First off, I went crazy with the Vogue sale, too! lol. I actually drove to a larger Joann's 20 minutes away instead of down the block, in order to get EVERYTHING on my wish list.

    As for Burda's latest issue - I have traced out the patterns for 125 Dress and 103A Skirt. I plan on tracing 104B also.

  3. I love your picks and I think this Burda is better than the last two. I was getting ready to drop my subscription. I have a question. I really like the third ITY knit that you got from Denver Fabrics. Is this the fabric?

    I want to be sure before I order. Thanks.

  4. Hi, Rachel,
    FFF922 is the fabric I've pictured in the middle, 3rd from the right. So yes, that is the correct number. It's so fun and colorful. It will be fun to see what you do with yours should you buy it.

  5. Amanda,
    Thank you so much for answering my question. May I trouble you with one more about that fabric. I have been staring at it on denverfabrics and is the pattern a leaf, flower, or pinwheel pattern? Thanks.

  6. I've generally been a bit uninspired by Burda magazine for months now, but I do like the patterns you picked out, maybe I'll try the puffy collar jacket too.

  7. Amanda,
    Matelasse is almost like a quilted fabric. You see it on alot of bedspreads. Usually cotton, I attached a link from so you could see it. It gets very soft after several washings.

  8. Jacket style 101 is in many store windows in downtown Graz right now, including Esprit. I was disappointed that Burda did not have a better photo of their finished garmet, but from the lines I think it is really nice and will work up nicely with a lighter weight fabric. I am also seeing alot of the top 118 styles over here - especially in plaid cottons. Nice picks! Cheers! Evelyn