Tuesday, November 24, 2009

December BWOF picks

Hopefully these posts aren't getting tiresome for y'all. I actually look back at them when I'm trying to remember which magazine a specific design was in. Plus, I always enjoy reading what others like. Mightn't you like to see what I'm interested in?

(Darn, we are back to the super tiny pictures again.) This is jacket 111. Not that I need another jacket pattern to make up, but I really like it. It has a biker/outdoorsy look to it, and the belt on the bottom is really cute.
I like both this skirt 122, and skirt 123, pictured after. I think I'll merge the two together, as I like aspects of both. I'll probably to an in-between length, with the topstitching and fly front of 122, but the plain back and no welt pockets of 123.
(See above for comments on this design.)
***Edited because I just found a black sequined fabric in my stash that would be perfect for this plainer design. So I'll probably use this pattern twice, for both the merged look described above and this one.
I love this blouse, 125, for it's off-set front tie and drop shoulders. I don't so much like the sleeve flounces, but those will be easy enough to leave off.
Dress 128 I find intriguing. I really like it, but the fabric will have to be chiffon or something equally lightweight and flowy, which is not my favorite fabric to sew with. And I'm not sure how well those gored panels will behave; whether I'd have to use french seams to get the fabric to lay flat. The magazine dress is lined with a nude color, which I find fun and flirty.
As I'm always a sucker for a puff sleeve, I think top 129 is really cute. I'll shorten in to end right below a waistband, though.
And that's it, unless I get inspired by one of you fellow Burda lovers (very possible). What do you think? Did I miss any of your favorites?

***Also edited to add that I just found the perfect fabric for design 112 in my stash. It's a white linen-look lightweight fabric with black pinstripes. I think the pinstripes will really play up the front fold, and I'll do the waistband with horizontal stripes. This will have to wait for summer, though.


  1. Amanda,
    Your posts are not getting tiresome to me. When I got my Burda yesterday, I started checking to see if you had posted your picks. It is always interesting to me to see that we like the same things. This was not one of my favorite Burda issues, but it was sure better than the last one for me.

  2. I think your idea for a stripe is a good idea--since I have cut it out in a grey wool crepe with beige stripes. :-)

    I like your other choices, too.

  3. You picked most of my faves, too! I always look forward to these posts. It lets me know that my Burda is on it's way, and what to look forward to. Thanks!

  4. I love reading your Burda picks - especially as my favourite ones are often the same as yours - so don't stop! I think that 112 in white with black pinstripes will look great for summer.

  5. Not tiresome to me...I love to see what everyone else is loving because sometimes it draws attention to a design I may have overlooked at first glance...keep em coming!

  6. I made up a similar skirt from a past issue in a black and white striped linen and love the look created by the stripes and the folded tuck. It is sure to get you many complements.

  7. I made a similar skirt from Burda. :-)

  8. Great pics. That skirt jumped right at me too. It will be super in the stripes.

  9. Tiresome? Not at all! Quite the opposite.
    I bought the December issue mostly for skirts 112 and 123, cardigan 119 and jacket 113. I also like dress/tunic 103: it could be a quick fix for my office Christmas dinner next Friday (yes, a little early...) but I'm afraid I don't have enough fabric for it. There was a similar pattern in the November issue that could probably be squeezed into the little fabric that I have.
    Using pinstripes for skirt 112 is a great idea! An idea that I could maybe copy (may I?) to use the leftovers of the pants I made recently.

  10. This is off topic but I love your sewing and the incredible quality of your finished pieces. Do you have somewhere on your blog that you detail your seam finishing? I am trying to improve the quality of my sewing and am baffled at WHEN in the process you add the bias tape for the seams. At the very end? Before you hem? I don't have a serger and I love the neatness of the french seams that you use also. You are quite inspiring!

  11. Mochimo - I'm interested to see it made up in a stripe, as I won't get around to that project until spring or summer.
    Vintagekitchenkitsch - Thank you! I usually add the bias tape after I've sewn the seam, but sometimes before if it's on a seam that gets a zipper. And definitely before hemming.