Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh goody, new Vogues are out!

Can you stand any more of these new pattern posts?! I feel like I do it all the time but I just love to see the new styles. (Plus, once it's on my blog I don't have to keep track of the paper I wrote the pattern numbers down on. )

This first one is by far my favorite. It's 1087, a little knit dress with some serious style. Oh I just love it!
Here's 1093, a cute summer jacket. I'm not crazy about the pockets and pocket flaps right under the collar. A little too much in one spot for my taste. I'm also not sure those hip pockets are going to look too flattering on me. This is a pattern I'll have to inspect in the store before committing to purchasing it. But I do think it's very unique and I like unique clothing.

Super cute dress and top. The jacket is nice as well. This is 1100.

Another knit dress. Do I really need any more patterns for knit dresses?! The contrast neckline of the one on the left really sold me on Vogue 8553.

There's a few more that I like but I'm sticking to these 4 for now. Check out the new designs here. Now I really do have to get to bed before I get in trouble with hubby. (Apparently I always fail to get in bed quietly and wake him up.)


  1. I like them. Especially the knit dress pattern.

  2. I love your pattern posts. I can't see you in 1093; but I said the exact thing you did about inspecting it in the store. The others are great. 1098 by Anne Klein in pretty interesting too.

  3. That first knit dress is a showstopper! I've added it to my wish list!