Monday, January 12, 2009

McCall's 3830 - Snow leopard skirt

After matching all those vertical and horizontal lines on that military jacket, I needed a break and something easy. So I chose this straight skirt, thinking I would whip it up in a day or so.

Well, I always seem to do something wrong on easy projects, and this was no exception. I thought this fabric was acrylic when I bought it. I wondered why it was priced at $17.99 a yard! But at 60% off I went ahead and got a bit because I thought it was so pretty. It turned out to be wool. And somewhat thick. I wanted to add a full lining, only for some unknown reason I decided to use the facing pieces as well. It's not very flattering to have a double layer of thick wool at the waistline. So I had to pick that all apart and cut more lining since I stitched the facings down to the previous lining so securely. One day's project turned into 3. I am simply not a fast seamstress! I like things to be just so and that makes me very pokey.

I used an the invisible zipper foot on my new machine for the first time. I went in like a dream. Here you can see the fabric a little better.

Inside lining:

So, I'll bet you're thinking this is one plain outfit. And why does she have on purple shoes?! They are actually plum and the perfect match to this cut of wool fabric:

Which is going to be made into this jacket and worn with the leopard skirt. I didn't want to wear it with another solid color but also didn't want to be too matchy-matchy. Hopefully it will turn out cute.

This is jacket 115 from BWOF 9/2008. I copied the plum because I already had the shoes and thought it looked so nice. It's kind of military, too, right? Huh. Guess I'm on a military kick lately.

I've got a few other things in front of this jacket. Hopefully I'll get to it sometime in February.


  1. Cute skirt and so nice with the plumb shoes even without the jacket. But that jacket is going to be gorgeous in that shade.

  2. Dear Amanda,
    I’m giving my first steps on sewing.
    I found your blog very interesting: you have great sewing skills and I would like to reach your sewing qualities and perfection.
    Congratulations for your sewing projects: I loved them all!

    For this particular skirt, I love the fabric!! It looks great.

  3. That's a great skirt and I love the jacket you have planned.

  4. Nothing wrong with being a perfectionist and your garments are worth the time you spend on them. I really like that jacket too, look forward to seeing it soon (well maybe not so soon, don't rush it...!)

  5. That skirt is simply fabulous! I love the choice of color for the shoes. They work even without a matching jacket!

  6. Cute outfit!! And your butt looks great in the skirt!! Looking forward to out apron project...once I get thru this weekend (all of Kyle's family decends on us) I'll have more time to sew!!

  7. Great skirt, love the leopard print. The jacket and shoes will make for an amazing outfit! Keep up the great BWOF work!

  8. Okay, question from the dumb girl...what is BWOF? Good jacket!

  9. Lynne - Sorry! BWOF = Burda World of Fashion magazine, for which I have a subscription.

  10. Your skirt turned out very beautiful (You look great in it!).

    That jacket is on my list too! I don't know id I'll have the time to make it this year... I bet yours will be fabulous!

  11. I love your new skirt, and that jacket is going to be great! So glad I found your blog. :-)

  12. Hi, I love the jacket from BWOF. I have tried the libraries and and .de but I can't find the pattern. Would you be willing to sell the magazine or maybe just the pattern?

  13. Maria,
    No, sorry. You might check Ebay to see if you can find that issue.