Friday, January 2, 2009

McCall's spring patterns sneak peek

Well, this was a sneak peak, but since these patterns were finally uploaded to the internet, I'm going to get rid of the pictures I took that take a lot of memory space, and instead post pictures from McCalls's sight. So, same information, just different pictures.

This is 5802. I still think the dress is really cute, but after seeing the back of it, am not sure where I'd wear it. A little bare for me to wear to church. I like the top, though. That might be a bit more practical for wearing out on a date night.

Up next is 5803. I previously wrote that I already have several pleated skirts in my wardrobe, and don't need any more. However, I love the outfit with brown top and skirt with matching bottom band. So I might end up with another pleated skirt after all.

This is 5809. The blouse with longer sleeves is my pick.

I still love cropped trench on 5816. The other jacket is nice as well.

Okay, so I've wanted a safari-inspired outfit for awhile now. 5817 is just about perfect in my book. I'm thinking a pantsuit for summer or maybe with matching capris instead.

And I think that little pink outfit on 5819 is super cute just for going to the beach or bumming around the house.

And whoops! I thought this was a new pattern, but I'd just not seen it before. It's 5585, and I'm glad to have stumbled upon it because I really like it. View C on the bottom left is the design I like. This is for knits.

Well, I have quite a few finished projects to post pictures of this weekend. Darn that daylight savings! I can only get Justin to take my picture on the weekends because there's no light left outside by the time he makes it home from work. And all the pictures I've had him take of me inside at night-time have turned out horribly.


  1. Yes, Amanda, you need more patterns even if you have to wait for a sale. These would look wonderful on you. The little jacket is cute but would look better if one took out the "slouch" in the pockets.

  2. Thanks for sneak peak. Mhy favorites are the safari-inspired jacket, looks-like-seperate dress, and the cropped trench.

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  4. I've been stalking the website too! What is UP with the website?? Oh I need most of these. And my Lu definitely needs that cute hot pink set. Aw heck, maybe I can "grown it up" a little for moi. :D

    Oh, and my BWOF still isn't here. Boo.

    (whoops, sorry had to start my comment over. Wrong account!)

  5. The Joann's I was at today didn't have these out thanks for the sneak peek! I love the safari-inspired jacket also and know someone who would love to sew that hot pink number.

  6. I have been thinking about spring sewing. I am such a slow sewers that it might be a good idea!