Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vogue 8536 - Red, black & white mock-wrap top

I'm in desperate need of long sleeve tops for winter, so you can expect to see quite a few in the next few months. Here is my latest:

I love the fabric, but it made for one busy top. I'm also really glad one of those big red dots did not end up in a bad location, as I didn't even think about that while I was cutting this out.

This was suppose to be fast and easy, but of course nothing is ever fast and easy for me. For starters, my machine kept skipping the stitches here or there. Then I decided to slip-stitch the facings and hems down, which took a lot of time. Here's a close-up of the neckline:

It's a bit hard to see the criss-cross neckline with this busy fabric. I should have done a solid color, but I am so bored with all the solid color tops I currently have in my closet. Notice the hem on the bodice bottom and at the sleeves. I got the idea for that here, when I accidentally cut a top too short. But then I realized it eliminated the need for machine top-stitching, which looks really uneven on knits on my machine. Of course that took more time .

My only issue with this design is what happens to the neckline if you fold your arms or sit at a desk with your elbows resting on it: the front overlay of the neckline droops forward. If I make this again, I'll have to modify the pattern to address this problem.

Here's some pictures of the insides:

Here's the neckline with the facing slip-stitched in place and then given a good pressing.

This is at the shoulder. I used french seams for those and the side seams, and covered the arm seams with bias tape.

This is of the underarm where the sleeve meets the bodice. I ironed the seams in different directions to cut down on bulk, but the actual seam line still meets exactly on the outside.

Here's the inside of the hem. I think the slits on both sides are super cute and unlike anything else I've got.

This is the inside of the sleeve facing. Are you bored with the interior yet?

So here's the pattern envelope. I made the green shirt but with long sleeves. There are gathers at the bust side seams but they don't show on my top. I really like the fit, and will be definitely be making some of the other views.

I'm making a jacket next, Vogue 8480, which I would link you to but Vogue's website isn't pulling up for me. Last week we had some unseasonably cold weather for south Texas, and I was almost forced to wear my super ugly brown coat that I've had since high school. (I decided to suffer the cold instead of ruin my outfit with the ugly coat.)


  1. Very, very nice, but I LOVE those hems! They have ending very professional. The time that you invest are profilate.

  2. Great blouse and agree with Paola the finishing looks professional.

  3. Very cute! I think it's a great top!

  4. Very cool fabric! Looks almost Pucci-esque! I really love the hem treatment!

    (hehe, I always get the coolest word verifications on your blog. today it's "hansome")

  5. That shirt came out really nice.

    I can't wait to see that jacket you are making next. What kind of fabric are you going to use?

  6. definitely fun! i think it will be fun to see the detail on a solid color too... but the busyness is too fun. (i'm still wondering what you wear on the average day... if you wear dresses at home or just make them for fun and wear them out to dinner or sundays or something???) :) :) :) i'm curious what life is like for you on this one. i am such a schlump of a home-mom!

  7. You chose the right fabric, IMO. This is an easy piece to put on and look fabulous without having to think much about it. You don't need to accessorize. The fabric is the focus, and it looks smashing on you.

  8. Love that fabric! Girl, you need a serger!

  9. Great looking top and I love the fabric too! You look gorgeous!

  10. I recently made that same top in a solid color. I really like your print fabric choice and really love the bad at the hem, very creative.

  11. Love the top! I think I have this fabric or something for similar. Mine is very busy which is why I think it is like yours. I think you chose a great pattern for this fabric. Like the bottom addition.