Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vogue 2865 - Maroon Boucle Suit

Even though I made this several years ago, it remains one of my favorite outfits ever sewn. I wore it to church this morning so thought I'd show it to you. This is a dress and jacket combo. I thought the front of this design was so cute with loop button closures and little flap pockets set at the ribcage. I made this out of boucle, back when Jo-Anne's had a whole isle dedicated to the fabric. It's hard to find now, but I think it's still timeless.

The dress has hemline slits in the front and back and also at the neckline. It has front and back princess seams for a flattering fit. There really is a lot of topstitching on these two garments as well, although hardly noticeable.

These shoes have a life of about 4 hours max before I have to take them off. They are cute but they hurt!!! I'm willing to suffer for fashion for only so long.

The back neckline is somewhat low. I think it's very pretty but those shoulder straps don't want to stay on me. Because of that, I hardly ever take the jacket off while in public.

On these close-ups, you can see the fabric better. I really love the color pallet. Maybe you can see the topstitching along the labels as well. Both the dress and jacket have a full lining in dark brown.

Here's the pattern. I hardly ever remake jacket patterns, and this one is definitely distinct. But for some reason I can't bear to part with the pattern.

I am currently working on this Burda WOF top, only with long sleeves. I do not plan to expose any cleavage while wearing it, though.


  1. I just finished making the top to you jacket and dress ... I love the pattern and I love your version of it. I had discarded the thought of making the jacket but I am definately reconsidering ... smiles.

  2. You did a fantastic job with the jacket especially - the lapels look perfectly tailored.

  3. Beautiful suit! Why did I think you were fairly new to sewing?? Obviously I was WAY mistaken, LOL!!

    I'm with you on the shoes...I'll suffer for a while, but I have my limits too.

  4. Lovely suit! Looking forward to seeing the BWOF top.

  5. What a beautiful suit and a great fit.

  6. Love the suit! Was pleasantly surprised to see that I have that pattern in my stash! Thanks to you, it just got bumped up in priority! Good luck with the BWOF top, eager to see your version!

  7. What a beautiful suit! I understand you completely on holding on to that pattern! It's a timeless&elegant suit and you look terrific in it!

  8. That is one smart looking suit. And the shoes are a perfect match. But I feel you on the pain factor, "No can do!". lol