Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Simplicity patterns!

Ever since Adrienne mentioned in one of her posts that new Simplicity patterns were out but not online, I have been stalking their website. I had to go to the fabric store a few days ago and looked through their latest catalog. The following patterns are my picks:

I love this skirt! I'm talking about the gray one in the bottom right corner. You can't tell from the picture, but it's got running white stitching along the waistband, pockets, and hem. I think those pockets are really cute also. In fact, I love the whole outfit with the crisp white blouse. I think I have some gray suiting in my stash. Hmmm...

Super, super cute blouse. I love the long sleeve hot pink number - although not in hot pink for me - and the one with shorter ruffled sleeves - bottom on the left. Maybe in white to match the first skirt pattern?

I think this dress is nice also, although not to the degree that I love the first two patterns. The royal blue is my favorite view. I know that dress with the cowl neck is really hot right now, but I've never been that fond of cowl necks. This is my problem with up-to-the-minute fashion. I usually don't like it at first. And then by the time it's grown on me and I'm ready to make it, the fashion has changed and it's out of vogue.

Anyway, check this new collection out. There's a lot of nice stuff there, including a really cute little girl's coat that I would make in a heartbeat - if I had a girl.


  1. That royal blue is my favorite too!

  2. I just wanted to check in because I've been moving and then had phone, internet, computer problems, YOU NAME IT!!! for over a month! It's nice to be back. :)

  3. Cute patterns, I really like the Project Runway ones! Thanks for posting!