Monday, September 8, 2008

Mail call!

Everything I've ordered from the internet was delivered today by my friendly postman. First up are 4 high quality knitting needles I won from Ebay. These came from Hong Kong and it's the first time I've ordered something from overseas. With shipping I paid 13 pounds, or $24.32. I paid $16 plus tax for one of these needles when I was working on the split neck tee, so I'm thinking I got a bargain!

I got two books in the mail. This is Inspired to Knit, and boy are these patterns inspiring! And very difficult. This is a book I'm going to drool over and grow into as my skills improve. I like about 40% of the patterns.

I think I can manage this one, though, and might make it this winter. It looks very simple except the cabling along the reglan sleeves. Those little flowers on the sleeves are embroidery. Oh, so cute!!!

This book is Custom Knits. Thanks to Jenny for suggesting this book. It is awesome!

Here is the reason I bought it. I like about 50% of the designs, but I seriously love this bathing suit cover-up. This will definitely be knit for next summer. I'm thinking one for each of my suits...

I can't resist showing off my new shoes. I got these from Amazon, and they retail for $71.95. They were marked down to $21.59, plus had some 20% off deal going on so I got them for $17.27, plus free shipping! I might have a bunch of shoes, but I usually get super deals on them.

And this didn't come in the mail, but is the progress I've made on my knitted vest. I finished the ribbing and have begun the waffle stitch that makes up the top half. I've become somewhat obsessed with knitting. I can't believe the variety of textures that can be created with yarn and needles. Oh, and time, lot of time. I love it!!!


  1. Knitting does lack that instant gratification that sewing has, but it's worth it! If I ever feel the need to finish something quick, I make a hat or a pair of fingerless gloves. That's a great deal on the addis!

  2. I love mail call! What goods! I have been trying to find a good knit book with beginner qualities for sweaters. Any suggestions?

  3. I love it when I get mail like that!

    I have the "Inspired to knit" book and I'm almost done making the jacket in the cover!