Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just a little bit of randomness

This is for my mom, and anyone else who ever wondered what the Burda World of Fashion magazine was all about. Here's the cover of August's issue:

Inside after the table of contents you will find 2 pages with all the design photos of the garments not on people. (I only scanned the first one.) This is nice since the pictures of the people wearing the clothes don't always show all the details.

For example, the following picture really cracked me up. Um, nice hair. What the heck does the shirt look like?!!

In the middle of the magazine are the blackline drawings, instructions, and patterns on large folded papers that you trace out and cut for your specific size. I scanned both pages of blacklines so you can see just how many patterns you get with each magazine. I counted 45 with this issue. Some are regular, some plus size, some children's, and with this one some are maternity. Some I love, some I like, and some I think are hideous. But, for $6.67 an issue, it's a pretty good bargain. Also, I've been disappointed with the patterns on sale for this fall. A lot of them seem to be very simple without a lot of shape. So I'm really loving this magazine because most of the designs include very cute details.

Okay, Kelly, here is the design picture for the Back to School Vest from Fitted Knits I was working on at your house. I'm using that brown tweed in the next picture.

I'm 5 inches into the 9 inches of ribbing on the bottom. Not bad for 6 days of on and off labor!

That's it for my random information. I'm hoping to post pictures of the black dress that never ends by Thursday or Friday.


  1. I haven't worked with Burda patterns before but love their website. Do you think Burda is fairly easy for beginners?

  2. Hi Teka,
    I would have to say no, they aren't that easy for beginners. It is a German company that translates the instructions to English. The instructions are sometimes useless or plain wrong and you don't find the same markings on the pattern pieces that you'd find on a McCall's or the like. That being said, they do grade the patterns in the magazine with one to four dots depending on difficulty so you don't get way in over your head.

  3. Hey Amanda, This is Miranda. You have a great gift. I saw you working on this today. How awesome!

  4. I'm definitely addicted to BWOF now. Don't get me wrong, I still take advantage of the $1.99 sales, but more for the kids than myself. The September issue has fabulous jackets and coats... warm & cozy!!!