Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Butterick 5046 - Red two fabric wrap dress

I made this a few months back for summer. I fell in love with the two coordinating fabric design. Here's my suggestions for picking two fabrics for one garment: pick one light and one dark, one big print and one small print. Easier said then done, though, right? I just happened upon these red and white florals and inspiration was born.

This has such a flattering neckline. No gaps and it's not too low. The single button closure is a nice touch, and I chose to use a covered button so as not to distract from the design/patterns of my fabrics.

My mom thinks these sleeves are weird, but I really liked that they are different looking. Here's a close-up of the point. I tried really hard to make this look spot-on, as it can be seen readily when I wear the dress. It's a tiny bit off, but is like that on both sleeves, so I think it's just the angle.

I chose to put in a full lining. Even when the fabric isn't white, I still tend to line all my dresses. I think they drape better. Here's a close-up of the inside buttonhole with the lining.

And here are my shoes. Believe it or not, I had these at home but wasn't thinking about them when I was picking out fabrics. I just got lucky, I guess, because the match is pretty perfect, especially with the ribbon rose right in the front. Have you noticed I have a thing for shoes? But then, what girl doesn't?

Here's the pattern picture. I made view D, the top left tunic, but I extended it into a dress. I also really love the black one made in eyelet. Maybe I'll make that next summer...

P.S. I have to be careful when I wear this that it's not a windy day and to hold it closed when I sit down. The overlap is maybe 10 inches on both sides. Not a big problem, but I do have to think about it and not do any squatting. (I have little kids so I do a lot of that to get on their level.)


  1. super cute! Thanks for the two pattern advice

  2. What a pretty dress. The covered button looks great.

  3. those shoes make that dress killer. The sleeves are awesome.

  4. That's a beautiful dress, Amanda, and you paired it with the perfect pair of shoes!

  5. Dress and shoes are the perfect combination.