Friday, July 29, 2011

August Burda picks

In answer to a few commenters from my last shorts post, yes, that was a Burda magazine pattern. Whenever you see me write Burda with a string of numbers behind it, the first number stands for the month, the second the year, and the third number is the pattern number in that specific magazine. So Burda 06-2011-111 is pattern #111 from the June 2011 issue. I had several questions about that and wanted to clear up any confusion.

This is my last magazine unless I renew my subscription, which I'm not planning to do anytime soon. Those white shorts I just made were my first use of the magazine this year, and I don't feel like I'm using it enough to warrant the cost. Plus the designs just aren't that innovative lately. There seem to be lots of repeats. I still LOVE the magazine, but will be taking a little break from it for awhile.

Jacket 101 I really like. It has interesting design lines and detailing with that double buttoning front,  and y'all know I love topstitching. 
 Jacket 102 is my favorite from this month's designs. What an awesome military look with the shiny brass buttons and red piping. I would love to copy the example and use a navy wool. It's just gorgeous!
A while back I over-did it on the puff sleeve and couldn't get enough of them. Now I'm totally over that design element and don't even want to wear what I've already made. So blouse 107 isn't an obvious choice. But once you look past the puffy sleeves this really is a cute top. It's fitted, has ruffles but no collar so could be worn under a tailored jacket for fall/winter. (Duh, Amanda, see how they've styled it above.) Leaving off the sleeves and finishing the armholes with some bias tape should be easy.
 Skirt 121 is a fun little pencil skirt. And I always love tummy ruching on garments.
I'm really not sure why I'm drawn to dress 125. It's not very practical with that scarf thing around the neck (winter) and short cap sleeves (summer). Plus it's a tall pattern. Maybe I like it because they've made it up in such a fun black and white fabric. I'll probably not make it but do like it.
Okay, dress 126 is super cute! I love the shape of it and the use of two different fabrics. A little bit of camisole showing through adds a nice layering look. I'll be shortening it to the knee.
 Honestly, when I started looking at these patterns previewed on the Russia Burda site, I was a little miffed. How dare they go from hum-drum to interesting for my very last month?! Are the next few magazines going to be awesome now that I've decided not to renew? Then I looked at the September preview in the back and saw that folk-styled designs are back again and thought - Nope! Same old Burda! Now it feels like a really nice send off instead.

Did I miss any of your favorites?


  1. I LOVE this issue, the best in a year or maybe 2, I like all your picks and more, but thought the same thing as you about the September issue. Never mind, lets make the most of this issue, plenty there to keep us busy, those jackets alone will take me months to finish!

  2. I love this issue of Burda. I quit subscribing back last October, but now I wish I had not. I may have to pick up this issue.

  3. I made the 111 shorts and I liked them enough that I plan on making more. I also really liked this issue.

    If you find a pattern in an upcoming magazine that you feel you can't live without, let me know and maybe we can trade tracings since I don't have any issues prior to 03/2011. I'm in San Antonio, so it would be fairly easy to arrange, I think.

  4. Thanks for the review! I love all the jackets!

  5. I am pre shrinking my navy wool as I type this. I am in love with jacket 102. I found the wool, some lining and red piping all in my stash. All I need to buy is buttons. I live in New England and we are still in the height of summer. It will be a nice break from all my summer sewing. I can't wait to get started and for winter to come.

  6. My favourite this navy jacket, too, and it will fit for my sailor wardrobe. I'm sure to make it.

  7. I love that military jacket, too. I've already been searching for the perfect wool...

  8. Lovely choices. I agree that the black/white print on the dress 125 is spectacular. Am also mystified by the great swathe of fabric around the neck, paired with raglan cap sleeves. (I also don't understand sleeveless turtlenecks.) Enjoy the heat!

  9. That is a really nice feauture! I do the same thing but with the patterns. Great blog!