Wednesday, January 26, 2011

February Burda picks

Hi there! Thanks for all the nice comments on my hot pink skirt. A few people asked about the top I had on the dressform with it. Yes, I made that too, and you can read about it here. Angie wanted to know about the lining fabric. I'm sorry to report it is nothing special and is probably that cheap acetate stuff. I like to use Ambiance when I can but I usually buy it off and they have limited colors. That hot pink was purchased at JoAnn's.

So, the February Burda didn't disappoint. I found several designs that I can certainly see in my wardrobe. This first dress, 101, is SO pretty in the magazine. It's a simple shape but the fabric they've used is gorgeous! Too bad "white organza with taffeta appliques" isn't a fabric I ever come across. However, I do have a pretty floral stretch charmeuse in my stash begging to be sewn in this pattern. Look for that in spring.
This next top, 102, is like the first dress only without the skirt and with a horizontal seam under the bustline. It's for a stretch fabric. Hmmm, why the zipper, then? I just love the shape of the neckline and the extended shoulders. I'll bet we'll be seeing a bunch of these made up shortly. Little knit tops are always popular patterns from the magazine.
Wowza, skirt 103 is one hot little number. On page 13 they show the back of it made up in a pinstripe. I just love the way the lines come together along the center back seam to make a chevron pattern. Perhaps I'll use that black stretch suiting with pink pinstripes I picked up last fall.
The boucle they've used for this next jacket is not my favorite, but I really like the blackline drawing of it. It's the ribbon trim that I adore, along with the two-piece sleeves with buttoning bottoms.

I have a hard time finding shorts I like in stores. They are always either too short or too long. For the past few summers I have taken to wearing fitted capris that end right under my knees, as seen here. Well, I like the shape and length of view B of design 122, and think I will give them a try come summer.

This whole safari-inspired outfit looks super cute to me. I can't wear that tan color anywhere close to my face, but a nice army green would probably do the trick. I love the big pockets and tie belt.

How about you? Did I miss any of your favorites?


  1. I loooove that jacket too. If you do make it with ribbon trim, just be absolutely sure you use petersham ribbon. Regular ribbon will not curve nicely around the upper collar. Can you find petersham in SA?

  2. Great tip, Lindsay T! If I can't find the petersham locally, I will find some online. Thanks!

  3. I always love your picks. Could you tell me where to find the line drawings online for the Burda magazines? Since they changed their site so much, I can't figure it out anymore.

  4. I loved this issue, too. The entire Italian-inspired section really spoke to me. I really like how Burda shows curvaceous, sexy women in beautiful, well-fitted outfits.

  5. Thanks for all the previews. I am always on the fence about whether I want to buy a subscription. It seems so expensive but all the sewing blogs I follow seem to use it like crazy. Do you feel like you get your moneys worth?

  6. hmmm, shorts. I wonder if decent shorts are coming back. I'd wear 'em!

  7. Must have the jacket - it is absolutely me. I also love the sleeveless safari suit.

  8. Rachel - I always visit the Russia Burda website for magazine previews and blackline drawings. It's

    Montanachic - the magazine is definitely a splurge. It just went up to $90 a year, so I'm not sure I make $90 worth of patterns from them. BUT, these magazines are like collections. People pay lots of money for them on Ebay and Etsy, so when I get done with one I could sell it. Not sure I will ever do that though. A subscription makes a great gift. Perhaps you should hint around to your loved ones come birthday or Christmastime. :)

  9. I love reading your reviews because it's at least another month before I receive my issue here in Australia, so I'm usually pretty excited to pore through it after seeing your picks.

    Can't wait to try that skirt pattern! Or see your version first

  10. I love that first dress, too. So perfectly girly and springy.

  11. Hi Amanda,
    I keep hearing about a "Burda" magazine. What is the name of the magazine, if you wouldn't mind?
    Thank you,