Monday, September 28, 2009

October's Burda picks

Another month of slim pickins. But that is okay with me. A few awesome designs are better than a slew of seen-that-already looks, IMO. I love how they are including a back view on the online blackline drawings now.

Up first is this super cute cropped jacket, style 108. The yoke overlay is bias cut and it is outlined with piping. Y'all know how much I like piping. Throw in a fur lined collar and some toggle fasteners for the finishing touches. Love it!!!

There's a whole much of LBD's - that's Little Black Dresses - and I found 2 that I really like. Not sure they'll both be in black, though. This first one is 113 and they've made it up in crepe-backed satin. I can see the dress in crepe with the bow and maybe undersleeve on the satin side. I love the neckline, front bow and sleeves.
Dress 114 uses the same neckline and basic shape but adds in some lace, large fabric flowers and hemline godets. I'm not sure I love the godets but everything else looks great. In the magazine photos of this dress the lace is missing. I guess someone forgot to sew it in?
I think jacket 126 is gorgeous!!! All the details and lines they've included really make it special. I love it in leather but don't have the nerve to try it. (Plus, where the heck do you buy leather skins in Texas?!) Maybe I can find some interesting tooled moleskin or imitation leather.
Did I miss any of your favorites?


  1. For TX being a cattle state there has to be a place to buy skins! Probably some kind of a Western-wear or boot-maker though. I love that jacket too, but I'm not brave enough for leather either. I was thinking maybe denim.

  2. I was thinking the same thing mjb said about cattle! My issue came today, but I haven't had a moment to open the plastic, and probably won't until the weekend! Thanks for the preview, it looks exciting!

  3. AWESOME idea, mjb. Duh. I never thought to look for leather at a boot maker. Maybe a feed store would have an idea... But denim would be fabulous as well. Great thoughts.

  4. There is a great place in Houston if you are ever over this way. Check around online, that is how I came across my skins. I am pretty sure that there is a Tandy Leather over there someplace, they have all kinds of stuff.

  5. I really liked that leather jacket, too. I am also afraid to sew leather. I would love to find some imitation leather to try first. has some occasionally.

  6. There is a Tandy Leather Factory in San Antonio and also a Tandy Leather Store:

    5710 Mobud

    5370 Walzem Rd.

    Just do a search on Google and it will provide you with maps of the locations.

    Leather is hard to sew on though...special foot; special needle. I think you need a lot of special knowledge too. You can't press it. If you make a mistake, it leaves holes in the leather which cannot be removed. I would try it in a fake leather instead.

  7. That is certainly not the one to start with if you haven't sewn with it before. I was thinking it might look cute in denim.

  8. Those two dresses were my favorites too! And I'm with you on thinking color instead of black.

  9. u have pick among my favorite too. good choice. i cant wait to see u make them. :)

  10. I love that leather jacket also, it's my favorite thing from this issue. My first try at it will definately not be with leather, but if it turns out good, I'll probably try leather after.

  11. I also like the leather jacket. I would be scared to try it in leather, though!! I loved the long skirt with the box pleat in the front, #127. I want the red herringbone Gertie had on her blog recently for it!! I think the long style in that red herringbone would be outstanding!