Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm totally diggin' this new Vogue lineup!

Here's the new Vogue fall collection. A whole lot of these new designs offer fitted garments with interesting construction lines. Y'all know by now that is my favorite combination. I like a bunch of them but decided to be very picky. After all, how many dress patterns can one gal make up in a lifetime?!

This is 1118. Love it. LOVE. IT.

1121. Gorgeous! There are tons of pieces to this fitted number, and I especially like the back pleat. But where do I find a buckle that can be covered with fabric? Any suggestions?

This is one great suit, especially the back of the jacket. However, it seems really high waisted. I'm okay with high waisted dresses, but when you are nipped it at the ribcage and the waistline, it looks a little odd to me. I think if I can lower the waist inset to my natural waistline, it will be a real winner.

Dress 8593 looks simple and elegant. And as I have hardly any long sleeve dresses in my wardrobe, it is a definite buy.

This little sheath dress is awesome!!! Check out those construction lines!

I'm noticing those are all dresses with one suit. Yikes! Maybe they'll have more casual designs later in the fall. What do you think? Did I miss any of your favorites?

In other news, I have removed the tabs from my pleated ivory linen skirt. I like is so much better! Our church is having vacation bible school this week, so I'll post pictures of it this weekend.


  1. I love that pink one, too. I think you could find a coverable buckle at JoAnn's, but if not, look online, like Fashionista Fabrics. I think she used to list buckles. Or shop vintage/resale for something. Or Ebay...

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Years ago they used to sell kits to cover your own belt and buckle, but I'm not sure if they still do. So the idea to find a vintage one for sale might be a good one.

    Vogue has some cute new styles, but it seems odd that so many of them are sleveless for Fall. Also I have noticed that there are so many patterns with just one skirt or just one jacket, when they used to offer several variations in one pattern. I like the ones you picked and here are my comments on them (since you asked):

    1118...is amazingly interesting...a lot going on there...but I couldn't tell until I saw the line drawing. The beautiful design gets a little lost in that large print. I love the way it's seamed, but it may need a solid fabric to see it. Also, and this is just personal, but I would make the right side a cap sleeve as well because it looks a little unbalanced from the back view to my eye.

    1121...I love this style! It's hard to see all the vertical seams, front and back in the dark color, but the design is lovely. I can't see it on the model, but there is some sort of insert at the front neckline that can be seen on the line drawing. Can you tell what that is?

    1126 Suit....Beautiful jacket, but I agree with you that the waist should be lowered some...maybe 1 1/2 to 2 inches. I would like a simpler skirt to go with the jacket. This one is interesting, but has a lot going on in the line drawing. To me they seemed a little busy together. The skirt would be nice on it's own. Just my opinion though.

    8593...Very cute! I like all 3 variations...simple and elegant.

    8594...I like the front, but the back is very busy to me (12 seperate pieces to the back of the dress alone), and there are some seams that don't match up at the waistline. That would bother me a lot I think.

    Well, there ya go....probably way more than you wanted to know. ;)

  3. I love the last one--sheath dresses seem to be the thing this Fall! I can see you wearing each one of them.

  4. I like all of them, but especially 1121. As for the buckle, here are some links for you (you'll probably have to cut and paste these into your browser):





  5. It may be competition between you and Erica Bunker to make the first version of that Tracey Reese dress. I love it and might try one myself come summer.

  6. Yes, that is one great line-up! 8593 is my personal favorite, but you'll look amazing in all of them! Good luck with the belt, looks like your followers have your back!!!

  7. I can see a lot of potential in these new Vogues and I'm really excited about them!

  8. I absolutely LOVE so many of the new Vogue patterns!! You picked a lot of my favorites. I'm glad you pointed out the high waist on the Tracy Reese suit. I hadn't noticed that and I think I will lower it to my natural waistline, too. Happy sewing!!

  9. I'm not a huge fan of Vogue in the last couple of years, because I think they've been lacking in anything special, but the current new releases are quite stunning. I am a Michael Kors fan, & I LOVE #1117 with the pleated/tucked bodice, along with some of the ones you have picked! My question for the Kors dress would be: How would you do a FBA & also raise the neckline? I'm FAR too "mature" to be wearing something that low, but I love the style! If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears!! As for covering a buckle, as already noted, I'm sure there are notion kits to enable you to do that. I shall try to do some searching & will let you know if I find anything. Lots of great sewing ahead!!