Thursday, December 6, 2012

Military jacket Q&A

Howdy all! Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my latest wardrobe addition. I have been in southern Oregon for the past week, in a tiny little map-dot town that is terribly hard to get to. It's a beautiful place but it rained. the. entire. time. The town is called Brookings. Ever heard of it?

I usually try to answer questions in the comments but, as I was visiting family in that tiny town, I did not have internet nor reliable cell phone service. The horror.

Do the jacket front edges actually come together?

Yes, although there is no fastener in the front to hold them there. I am debating adding some large hooks to keep them closed should I choose to wear it that way.

What is your secret for having clothing that always looks professionally made?

Lots and lots of trial and error. My mother taught me some basic sewing techniques, but the majority of what I do is entirely self taught. If you desire to make garments that look store bought, you've just got to put in the work to learn and expect to make a ton of mistakes. Also a touch of perfectionism doesn't hurt. :)

Did you prewash or pershrink the fabric?

Not this time. I put a full lining in it, so I don't plan to ever wash it in the washing machine. And I've never had a thick cotton like this shrink from steaming it with the iron.

One of the many beaches along the shoreline of Brookings


  1. Yes, I've been to Brookings many times. Used to live in North Bend. Love your jacket!

  2. Your sewing skills are very impressive and now that I know you're self taught - I am not worthy :)

  3. Oh fun!I grew up in Grants Pass, although I am very far from there now.

    Love your jacket!

  4. The shoreline in the picture you posted of Brookings is gorgeous. It looks like the perfect place for a long walk. I love the jacket you made and I am so glad to hear that I am not the only person who occasionally skips the pre-wash!

  5. Curious to Know... How do you make your buttonholes? They look so even and clean..

    Thanx in Advance
    Myron C.

  6. RuAC,
    Button hole foot and a bunch of prayer. :)

  7. I went to college at Southern Oregon University in Ashland - the southern Oregon coastline is beautiful, but very damp indeed :)
    I love your jacket! I can only hope to one day achieve your level of topstitching skill!

  8. Sorry about that rain thing.
    Alot of the time it absolutely stunning at the beach when it is cloudy and dreary in the valley. I think the whole state might have floated away this week.
    On a good note, I am able to "show" the landlord that we need to fix the roof.

    Brookings is a long way from anywhere.
    Next time, hit the Portland area. We have some cool fabric stores.

  9. Hi Amanda,

    I guess you picked the wrong week to visit. This week has been sunny and sorry you missed it. We all really enjoyed seeing you, especially Grandma.

    Beautiful job on the new jacket. The color and fit is perfect!!

    Love, Mom

  10. Good ole' Oregon rain, LOL. Bummer it didn't dry up while you were there, but you sure got a great picture of the coastline!

  11. Your military jacket is absolutely stunning!

  12. My 11 year old is getting a sewing machine for Christmas and your blog is so inspirational! Thanks for the mood fabrics recommendation. I was searching and searching for decent fabric and getting pretty discouraged!