Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween costumes

Whew! I'm glad to have this yearly task behind me. Like usual, I waited until the last minute to get these costumes sewn.

Nathan is very into small furry creatures at the moment. He owns two gerbils and would really like to have an entire pet store in his room. Two gerbils are stinky enough, though, thankyouverymuch. He also currently wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. We ordered the lab coat  and stethoscope off The only remotely crafty thing I had to do was iron on the patches to the pocket. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as my boys like to say.

Daniel continues to pick his costumes for the weapon prop he gets to carry along. This was a way more involved project to stitch up. The vest took the longest because I added the gold inserts to the "sleeves" and slipstitched those and the one along the neckline invisibly on the inside. Then I made the black jumpsuit under the vest. I accidentally bought the wrong size pattern and had to cut it down to fit him. It was still too big in the width - he's pretty skinny - so I had to take the legs apart and make the rear end smaller. What a pain. Finally I made the red sash and arm/leg bands that I tacked onto the outside of the jumpsuit. This took me 4 nights of sewing to complete. All fabrics were purchased from JoAnn's and are polyester. We ordered the nunchaku from Amazon as well.

Since we homeschool, they didn't get to wear these costumes to school. And this year our church's fall festival was October 20 and didn't require dressing up. So, these were worn for all of 1.5 hours on Halloween for trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. I think next year they will have to raid their dress up bin for a costume and give me a year off.

McCall's 4951 - Used to make Daniel's jumpsuit
McCall's 6184 - Used for Daniel's vest & sash (shortened)

Rachel did not wear a costume. I am not a Halloween enthusiast and so only make costumes for little people who are excited about dressing up.


  1. Okay Amanda you really are amazing! You homeschool, you take care of your home and husband AND sew beautiful garments! Wowza!

  2. Wow Amanda, the costumes look fantastic! Well done! x

  3. We homeschool, too. I just let the kids wear their costumes all day! When my son was about two, I made him a fireman jacket for Halloween. He wore it everywhere for months...with the hat! LOL

  4. Ur boys r adorable!
    and wow homeschooling! U go mumma!!

  5. Wow! I echo Caroline's comment. You are amazing!

  6. What gorgeous boys you have! You have definitely earned a year off.

  7. Wow, these costumes are too fabulous for words. Maybe they will fit into them next year too?
    Daniel looks so fierce!!

  8. These are so cute! Your boys are adorable!

  9. So cute! I keep forgetting that you have two boys! I should remember since we both have 2 boys and a girl :) Adorable costumes. Great job.

    I did our costumes at the last minute too and then we did not even go trick or treating or anything because of the storm. I hope they fit next year :)

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