Tuesday, April 19, 2011

May Burda picks

Guess what showed up today in my mailbox? My oldest came running up the driveway grinning from ear to ear and shouting "Mama! Your fabric magazine is here!!!" Haha. He knows me so well. I was excited to see it, even though I watch for the preview each month on the Russian Burda site. Here are my picks:

Dress 106 is suppose to be for tall people. I'm not tall, but it will be easy enough to shorten. I always like clothing that has tummy ruching - it's ever so flattering. That neckline looks a little low and will need to be raised. This is for a knit and will be saved for winter sewing.
Cute, right? I'll probably opt for a less loud print.

Okay, jacket 113 is by far my favorite design in this month's offerings. Honestly, I've not been this excited over a jacket pattern since this pattern back in 2008. I like fitted jackets with lots of details. This one looks pretty perfect. In fact, I already bought some army green textured cotton fabric from JoAnn's with this jacket in mind. I'll be purchasing the buttons at the next 50% off sale. After all, it takes 20 buttons! I might as well get them half price.

Here it is, all made up in denim. I just LOVE it!Top/short dress 114 is cute with skinny lace trim inserts and a smocked neckline, with some blanket stitch thrown in for more interest. The smocking directions definitely have me scratching my head, though.
Long skirts are not something I like to wear. My legs are my favorite feature, so I usually like to show them if I'm wearing a skirt or a dress. However, I really like the dyed fabric treatment described in full detail in the directions for this skirt. I'll certainly be trying it, but most likely on a shorter style.

Vogue 1176 was suppose to be completed last night, but that silly side zipper has given me fits. I had to dampen my fabric and throw it in the dryer on hot in order to get the fabric back to its original non-stretched state. I'm skipping a girls night out tonight to get it finished up. Good grief! It's looking adorable though, so is worth all the hard work. Pictures tomorrow... I hope!


  1. ha! I just posted my pics too. :D I forgot about the military jacket, it's sooo on target right now. Love that one. Wish I had your patience for jackets & detailing though!

  2. Oh wow, I love that military jacket too! Trust it to be in the first issue after I didn't renew my subscription. I knew this would happen. :) At least I can still buy single issues. Thanks for sharing. I would have missed this otherwise.

  3. Wow I love that jacket too, really funky in a semi-military way and I prefer fitted jackets as well. I like the dark denim but I think you could bling this up as well.

  4. Hi There.
    I was also very excited to get my new Burda yesterday. I love that knit dress #106 but am very confused about the sizing.
    72-88. What does this mean? I can't find anything on the sizing chart with these sizes on it. I've only been sewing with Burda for a little over a year now.

  5. I just saw a military style jacket in khaki heavy cotton today when I was window shopping, so I'm sure you're jacket is going to turn out awesome and exactly on trend (well here in Sydney at least!)

    My subscription renewal to Burda just arrived in the mail, I was going to let it lapse but like you I get excited just receiving it even if it's a crappy issue, so I think I shall keep it for one more year at least. Thanks for the heads up on the future edition

  6. I love your picks. It goes to figure that right when I quit subscribing the magazine starts getting better. I am going to have to get that copy. I the ruching on that dress.

  7. That jacket is adorable! You make such gorgeous jackets. I can't wait to see it finished.

  8. I was just looking at this issue on line today! This is a good one. Cute, cute military jacket and lots of other great items. I may even have to buy this one!
    Wanted to stop by to say hello and Happy Easter, Amanda!

  9. Your son is just so sweet! I don't remember any pictures of you with tummy ruching. Please share.

  10. I'm totally in love with that jacket and dress pattern :)

    Happy Easter;Passover;Beltane :)

  11. I'm so jealous! The new Burda isn't out here yet.

    Kathi: those are tall sizes. 88=44 (18), etc.

    Amanda: Great blog!

    :-) Jenny /Sweden

  12. I share you love for that jacket, but somehow don't see you in the dress. Too night on the town!

  13. I made this 113 jacket and it became a basic garment in my wardrobe.