Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Check out the new Buttericks!

Lately I've been stalking the Butterick website. They are always the last ones to put up patterns for the coming season. They finally posted them today and I LOVE this new lineup! Usually I find only one or two that I like (except for Vogue) because pattern companies like to repeat themselves a lot. Surprise! These new ones seem fresh and interesting and even a little challenging!

This first one is dress 5554, and yes, I have seen this color blocked design before. The pleated sleeves are what make this special to me, especially since they attach right where the front and back princess seams meets the sleeve.

I really don't know why I like this next one, 5555. It's not that new or different. I guess because the sleeves have a lot less poof to them then I normally see. And the fabrics listed for it include stable knits. And it doesn't look like there's a ton of fabric gathered up in the waist area. Something is appealing about it...

I really adore this next one, 5558, a Maggy London design. Check out the blackline drawing - there are pleats around the entire midriff. Fabric choice will be crucial to get a nice drape below the pleats.

Okay, love love dress 5559. Those lines are tucks sewn on the outside of the fabric. Plus they are present on the front and the back. This is another design for stable knits. It's fun and interesting. Did I mention I LOVE it?!

This is a fun little knit top pattern, 5561. The front line is actually a deep pleat, and I really like the short sleeves and cowl neckline on the top left example.

This next picture is from top 5562. It's pretty simple, but the sleeves are fun.

Check out the outside pleats on the bottom two drawings of 5566. Don't they look very Anthropology to you? I also like the top right two fabric combo. Very nice!
I like the shawl collar long sleeve jacket of 5568, but would probably add the front breast pockets and use the plain sleeves. It has interesting front tucks and a pleated back peplum. Hmm, it snaps closed. That's a little weird. I might be adding some front buttons as well.

What do you think? These are cute, right? Hooray for Butterick, they finally put out some patterns that I'm excited about!


  1. Very cute. Actually 5555 is my favorite. With a vintage fabric, this would be amazing!

  2. Just checked out the Butterick website and I think you highlighted all the best ones. I especially like the B5558 dress, I love tucks and pleats.
    One of these days I have to try to sew some knit dresses, so far I never have!

  3. Thanks for letting me know - I love the color blocking!

  4. The royal blue dress with the tucks is to die for! It makes me want to check the online sales flyers for pattern sales.

  5. I love these Butterick patterns. I am usually not blown away by Butterick, but these patterns at FABULOUS!!!

  6. Wow! These are really snazzy! I can't wait until they become available at JoAnn's! I think I'll call and find out now! LOL!

  7. 5559 and 5554 are my loves, but these are all great! I am heading over to the website now..

  8. I love, love, love 5559! It's such a great look. I don't care for the color block look on 5566, but I do like the other options a lot. I've got to get a lot better at my sewing & stop buying so many freakin' patterns that I'll never get to first, though!

  9. I haven't sewn for awhile. I became very frustrated after creating so many wadders. However, I really like Butterick 5555. Do you have any fabric suggestions? Does a stable knit mean a double knit? Sorry, but when I think of double knit, "old lady" comes to mind! :) I would appreciate any suggestions!

  10. Heather,
    Stable knit means something that keeps its shape better then an ITY knit, for example. I think a ponte knit would work well for that dress. You don't want too thick a fabric that the gathers don't drape nicely, but not too thin as to deflate in shape. HTH!

  11. Thanks for the heads up! I really love 5559 as well,