Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Burda picks for June

Okay, WHAT is up is up with Burda's site??? I just tried to download this month's pictures and couldn't even find a link to the magazine or their envelope patterns. Luckily they were found at the German Burda site. Are we having to go there now for previews and such?

Back to the actual reason for this post... This first simple knit top is really cute. I am going to fight my impulse to always use a print and actually use a solid color to show off the fun front gathers. I expect to see a ton of these tops made up soon. Simple knit tops are always so popular with the online sewing community.
Dress 109 is the longer version of top 108. I wish I could have the dress from the magazine, it is such a pretty print. The perfect border print knit is already in my stash. Too bad I'm currently only sewing for fall.
Must admit, when I first saw this next design in the magazine, I wrote it off as being too voluminous through the hips. However, Eugenia's version has changed my mind. She used linen and doubled the bottom band, resulting in much less poof through the hips. Now I need one too.

Ooh, ruffles and eyelet? Love, love top 120A, and already have some soft green cotton lace on hand to make it up in. It'll have to be lined, though. I wonder if that side zip is really necessary?
And lastly is this fun and flirty skirt, 121. Although do those ruffles look a little off to anyone else besides me? It seems like the middle ruffle needs to be moved down an inch or two to be centered correctly. Hmmm, I think some length will need to be added, and perhaps I'll use a more solid fabric. The magazine has it made up in more white eyelet.
I should be liking the maternity designs as well, right? They are cute, but mostly dressy office wear. I was all set to trace off knit dress 132, which I totally could get some use from. But then last night the other preggo dress I was making turned into a huge wadder, reinforcing my view that expecting patterns bite. Now I'm scared to sacrifice more fabric for something else.


  1. This is so tempting - we are only due to get the April issue where I live!
    I loved Eugenia's version of that skirt too, and it has inspired me to make it. It's always good to see knit tops - I don't think you can ever have too many!

  2. Could you make the long sleeve for the dress version though? That would make it more suitable for fall, wouldn't it?

    I love the off the shoulder top too, and you're right. I bet the zip is not necessary!

  3. The English Burda World of Fashion site has been discontinued as on June 1st and reroutes you to the Burda Style page. I couldn't find the magazine content, so I guess the German site it is. Sprechen sie Deutsch?

  4. The German site is also in the midst of converting. I'd recommend the French and Italian versions if you'd like to keep your links active for a bit.

    I'm... peeved.

  5. Thanks for the reviews Amanda. Your preview promted me to subscribe to Burda Style sooner than later. Love the knit top and the skirt.


  6. I am always waiting for your Burda reviews! Thanks for your thoughts!

  7. Hi Amanda - thanks so much for giving my skirt a mention :)
    I always look forward to reading your Burda picks - I love to take inspiration from your thoughts. Also, I agree with you about how tiresome Burda is being at the moment - their website is being very annoying and I'm not loving that tracing the patterns is twice as difficult as it used to be because of their paper saving. Like you I really like the knit top/dress, so that's going on to my list for when I come across the right fabric.

  8. Darn. About preggie patterns. I was so hoping that you'd find some great ones and inspire me to whip up some things for my youngest daughter. Oh well, for now the knits with lots of stretch are working.

    Can't wait to see all your fall creations.

  9. I'm new to Burda, but dang, I was sad that they're changing the site around. :(

    Have you seen Christina's blog Assorted Notions?
    She had some great posts on maternity tops that worked out well for her. I specifically flagged her blog for those posts for possible future use. ;) Might be worth a look.

  10. There was a great Burda preg issue 8/2008/125
    which I adapted (too tall - the pattern not me!) And did not put in the pleats at the front. Made several and wore them to death through my last pregnany. Do you have that issue?