Sunday, December 27, 2009

January BWOF picks

I am mostly very uninspired by this new Burda. I like fitted garments with interesting details. These designs are mostly unfitted and simple. They aren't super ugly or unflattering, just not my style.

The line drawing for dress 109 doesn't really show you how pretty and flowing it can be, so I'm posting the magazine picture instead. I like the front tucks/button closure, skirt pleats and long sleeves. I'm not too hot for the big double pleats in the back, and would change them to match the ones in the front. Getting the right fabric would be the key.

I also sorta like this blouse, 113A. It's suppose to be made from rayon crepe (whatever that is) and stretch jersey. I like the inset front panel and drawstring waist.
But really, I'm not chomping at the bit to make either. Hopefully next month's magazine will have some fitted and detailed designs. How about you? Have any favorites from this new magazine?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly had a good time opening presents and visiting with loads of family. However, I am relieved it's over. Now I can get back to regular life and not have so many deadlines to meet nor things to remember.

I am currently buried under a pile of mending/updating. Why does everything seem to need attention at the same time? I should have something new to show you next weekend and a yearly wrap-up later this week. Have a fabulous Sunday!


  1. Happy New Year. I appreciate your blog, mostly because I admire your technical skills and find your writing style enjoyable to read. Thank you for the Burda review. Along with Erica B, I find you really positive about styles that you don't personally like but know might be great on other figures.

  2. Rayon crepe is like CDC made out of rayon instead of silk.

    I sewed a floaty blouse for my daughter recently with it.

    I liked the white dress in BWOF, too.
    I have a swiss dot cotton lawn that would be perfect. Perhaps I can line it in silk habotai?

  3. I didn't have a lot on my list from this month's issue either, but managed to crank out one piece already. I'm wearing it to work now. lol.

  4. You're right. I don't like this Burda and it isn't my style, too. :-(
    Happy New Year!

  5. This issue was a disappointment to me too... Nothing really apeals to me.

    Happy New Year, Amanda!

  6. I really don't like this Burda and haven't really liked the past two issues. If this keeps up, I may drop my subscription. However, I know just as soon as I do, the next issue will have all cute clothes in it.

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  8. I'm making that dress right now! I was a bit worried about it making me look fat around the middle, but the pleats are really flattering - my viscose ggt is heavy enough to keep them flat. I will be blogging about it with a few tutorials soon if anyone else plans to make it!