Sunday, October 4, 2009

Woot! New Vogues!!!

I love when I get emails alerting me to new pattern releases. This is Vogue's Winter/Holiday collection. There seemed to be a little for everyone this time around and lots of fresh designs.

Up first is my favorite, 1143. I LOVE this pantsuit!!! It's so flattering, interesting, and just all around awesome. And people, I have zero pantsuits in my closet.

Dress 1150 is another great one. This is for a knit - maybe a thick double knit? I love the collar, front patch pockets, and even exposed zipper on the back. It would definitely need to gain some length for me, though.

Vogue 8616 is a lovely little knit shirt. With all the jackets I'm planning for fall and winter, some simple tops are needed to go underneath. I like both necklines.

The Burda top has been traced and cut out, but I somehow ended up without any matching thread for it. Of course I notice this Saturday after child #2 is down for his nap and Justin and child #1 are off running errands. Then we drive purposefully past a Hancock's yesterday evening only to discover that - surprise! - they close at 6 PM on Saturdays. So I finally picked some up this afternoon but have wasted the whole weekend's sewing time. Grrrr. I'm off to watch Drop Dead Diva (love that show!) and try to get something accomplished. Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  1. That pantsuit was my favourite of the patterns too. My sewing also got held up because I couldn't get the right thread, it's so frustrating isn't it! I'm all set to go now though.

  2. Great picks! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop when the new collections come out. I love to see your take.

  3. I'm all about V1151 (the other short knit dress) and V8613 (button front knit dress with flared skirt). And I'm with you, those short knit dresses would need a bit of length added for me, too! ;)

  4. My sewing got held up because I was at the JoAnn's sale. Just bottomweight twills, cords, and some knits. The sale just started. Now you've got me watching a few show thanks to the internet.

  5. That Guy Laroche pantsuit is totally amazing - unfortunately I don't think my sewing skills are up to that one yet. I really hope you make it though ....