Thursday, June 25, 2009

McCalls new fall patterns

Here's the new fall lineup for McCall's. Sorry, McCall's, but I'm not too impressed. There's nothing much new for me to get excited about.

I'll be buying 5923 for the cute plaid dress on the envelope. This isn't a new design, but I've never seen it with the bias pieces along the sides and bias empire waist inset. Love that!

I also like 5936 with it's fitted shape and flowy back peplum. The short sleeve version is especially cute with that turtleneck they've paired it with.

What do you think? Did I miss any of your favorites?

I'm still waiting to take pictures in my new pencil skirt. Life has been busy lately and hubby (aka my photographer) is working some loooooong hours.


  1. I really liked this one:

    and I will also be buying this one:

    I heard Joanne's is having a McCalls sale over 4th of July, 99cents a piece!

  2. What's up with all the muu-muu dresses? It's like they taken the babydoll look at just keep expanding on it. You have a nice shape for 5934, the skirt with princess seams in back and pleats at the hemline.

  3. I like both of these a lot.

  4. I looked through the new patterns after someone posted on PR. These two were also the only two I liked. Loving that plaid dress!

  5. oohh...I do like that jacket. I've been looking for a pattern with a peplum like that. Love the wide neckline/collar, too.

  6. I was less than thrilled with the new McCall's release. I usually want multiple patterns when they release new patterns. Nothing this time. It all looks the same old same old stuff.

  7. Love both those patterns. The dress would also look cute with a black turtleneck. We are always thinking turtleneck up here.

  8. I liked both of these and also the plaid blouse with ruffles? That one was cute too, but that could be the 80s girl in me coming out. A little.

  9. Because I'm older than most of the folks that're responding to the new patterns, (VERY close to 60!!), & because I love dresses, I very much like M5927, the fitted dress with slant style pockets, & the short jacket of #5941. I agree that the dress sewn with the plaid on the bias, although not new in style, looks very sharp! What a good idea; I'll have to incorporate something like that into my cooler weather sewing! Since Canadian winters are cold, I don't want to think about it too soon!


  10. I like the jacket with peplum. i had bought one very similar just a few months back. So yeah, to me the designs are not much different from stuff we've seen before. The accessories were cute to me though!


  11. The fitted shape of the jacket would look divine with wide-leg trousers or a straight skirt - it would create a lovely hourglass figure (providing the fitted area stops in the right spot) and just adore the back peplum. I like this one a lot.

    Also love the 5923 with the combo of bias and then straight panel down the front as it also gives illusion of curviness.

  12. Oh how I love McCalls. I got these on sale at JoAnns for .99, which was absolutely thrilling. I am so excited for the patterns I got! I can't wait to start because these dresses are too cute for words!
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