Sunday, April 26, 2009

BWOF May issue - my picks

It's time for another installment of Burda picks. Are you people sick of seeing these? Sorry, but I just love my Burda magazine. I also love to see what other people like. Well, this was another great month and I found a number of things I like, and a few I like but would never look good on me.

These are trousers 101. I really need to tackle making pants but don't have any immediate plans or fabric picked out for these. Just thought they were cute and I like the cut.

Jacket 102B is very cute with interesting welt pocket construction and cuffs with buttons.
I think fitted knit top 103 is great for fall/winter. I've got a pink and white zebra knit calling its name. This is also available as a dress, but as I have a similar dress in denim, I'll not be making it.
Okay, love love love vest 108. I think it's those cap sleeves and tuxedo collar that really get me. I can't decide if I want it for over a summery dress or under a turtleneck top for winter. Hmmm.....

I find top 115A cute, especially with the tiny bias sleeve bands. I like it in the plaid they have in the magazine. However, it has no waist definition, so I'm not sure it's for me. Maybe I'll wait to see if anyone else makes it up first.

The dresses they have in this magazine are just wonderful. I just chose 3, though, because I feel like I have a ton of dresses in the works or hanging in my closet already. This is dress 117 and I love it for its interesting construction lines. I also have fabric in the stash this would be perfect for.
Woo woo, dress 121 is super pretty! I love its mock wrap front and cute bubble sleeves. I think a solid color would be really striking and show off the design well.
I'm saving the best for last. Dress 123 is my favorite of the dresses, with its ruffled neckline and hemline. I'm thinking I'll probably leave off the butterfly sleeves and make it sleeveless. And there's fabric in my stash for this one as well.

Thanks for all your suggestions from yesterday's blog post. Heidi, I love all your ideas for a sewing studio. That would indeed be a luxury. We only have the 3 bedrooms, though, and do want to add to our family in the future. I think it would be hard to make the spare bedroom into a sewing room only to have to convert it to a child's room later. If we ever move, that would definitely be something to look for in a new house.

Also, I did not mean to sound critical of my mother having a large stash of fabric. I know a lot of people who do and it is very fun for them. For me, though, it feels claustrophobic. I don't know why other than that is the way I'm wired. Anyway, I didn't want anyone to have hurt feelings over what I wrote.

Okay, so I know it's been a week since I posted a FO, but I have nothing new to show you. I was working on Simplicity 2754 for the past week, but it's been the biggest pain in the butt. The neck facing was giving me fits - it wouldn't lay flat along the front slit and kept curling up around the back despite my understitching it. In the process of removing the facing in lieu of a bias tape finish it got caught in my machine and tore. That's right, after all my work and determination of following through, it got a hole right in the front. It is now a wadder and I am moving on.


  1. I love reading your comments on BWOF new issues. When I saw you had a posting I was excited. Please don't stop. You always find items I miss and give me new project ideas.

  2. I totally love the last two dresses you listed, too. Unfortunately, we're still awaiting the March issue to appear at the newsagents down here in NZ - there are so many nice things in the May issue I'd love to sew, though :-)

    Looking forward to seeing them sewn up!


  3. You have a lot of things lined up now for all that fabric! See--you NEED the fabric after all!

  4. I love seeing what others like out of the BWOFs too. I always wonder that too when I do a similar post! I think its interesting though because you will pick things I maybe didn't see and vice versa and then we'll both look harder at the magazine. Anything that gets me to sew more from that pricey subscription is worth it! (Although its really worth its weight in gold as far as I'm concerned!)

  5. You've made good choices. Don't you just love BWOF? :)

  6. I'm working on that vest right now. It's partially done but I ran out of interfacing! :(

    I love seeing your picks because they are usually the same as what my picks would be. I think we have very similar tastes.

  7. Oh I love all your picks and can't wait to pick up my magazine and get sewing again!

  8. I love almost EVERYTHING in this BWOF issue. The vest, the pants, and the dresses. I even drove to LA on Sunday to buy material for 3 dresses, a skirt, and 2 tops!

  9. Just got my mags today so I'll review tonight and jump back in here to let you know whats my faves. I love the last dress 123 and top 115A

  10. I like them all, except maybe the vest - I can't decide how I feel about it. Vests remind me of the 80s for some reason, and I think we can all agree we don't ever need to return to 80s fashion! I love dress 121, BTW; guess I'm a sucker for just about anything that wraps. CAn't wait to see what you do with these!

  11. I think this is a great BWOF issue, I love most of the garments in it!