Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BWOF April issue - My picks

I received my April issue in the mail yesterday. I always love it when the magazine gets to me early. There's something very satisfying about having all the patterns in my hot little hands and not just seen on the internet. This is yet another great issue that I've found lots of designs I like.

It is rare of BWOF to photograph a garment where you can actually see it clearly. This is skirt 101B and I find it simple and totally cute. I barely own any skirts and none of them are casual. I plan to make this in black really soon (or as soon as I find a good button sale.)

This next one is the same design with added pockets and topstitching. It's 101A and I love it!
I like this little jacket 106. Maybe I'll make it for fall.

This is top 110B. In the magazine that rectangular piece is made from a contrasting sequin fabric and it is so cute. It's going to be low, though. The back has darts (!) and it's for a knit.

Top 112 is a very simple knit design. The neckline would be easy to raise a few inches. Another piece that would be great for fall.
I really like the construction lines of dress 115, but it's sized for petites. I wonder if it would fit if I simply made the waist longer. Does anyone have any tips for converting a petite pattern to a regular size?

Jacket 116 is my favorite from this month's magazine. This is another rare shot where you can see the item clearly. I love the bias plaids and black outline on the pockets and collar. The sleeves have turned up straight grain cuffs. Oh, it's so cute!!!

This is jacket 117 and pants 119. They have them made up as a wedding suit, but I like both pieces separately as well.

This simple little top is 112. I'm thinking in a sheer for summer with a cute cami peaking out.

I put top 104 last because I'm not sure I love it. I think it might be cuter with a different collar. I do like the bottom that's cinched in around the waist and buttoned and the fact that it has short sleeves. I'll have to think about it for awhile... (Not sure why this picture from the website is so small.)
This issue also included 4 jumpsuits. I know this style is going to be popular but am not sure it would be very flattering on my body type. What do you people think? Did I miss any of your favorites?


  1. Re: Regular vs Petite sizing, this is coming up more and more now that BWOF is getting A LOT of word of mouth promotion on blogs and boards, I noticed.

    You can find the info in the Workshop pages of the Burda Fashion website but, from memory, it's basically 2 cm in the bust and 1 cm in the hip length.

    To Petite, they want you to remove 0,7 cm btw shoulder and bust and 1,3 cm btw bust and waist. Obviously, this is standard alterations so you should compare with your specific measurements.

    Ok, I found the link to my reply on Pattern Review's board:


    And, lastely, do you know there's a yahoogroup called Burda English? I'm a member and they have all the workshop pages that were included in the older magazines (same as online) available to members. Plus, 700+ BWOF fans, always a good thing, right?

    Good luck!

    PS my fledgling sewing blog http://fashionmate.blogspot.com

  2. Once again, great choices.
    I love the 112 top. Simple, but very confy and pratical.

  3. I love your picks too. I love it when they have petite patterns because I don't have to do anything. To make it regular you should just add a cm or two above the bust and to the waist. Like the comment earlier said, you can find it on the Burda website under workshops.

  4. *sigh*... I asked for a BWOF subscription for my birthday recently. I guess noone wanted to cough up the $80 for it. In the mean time... I'll envy yours. Cute choices- I like the plaid jacket too.

  5. Yeah, I'm not sure what they were thinking with the jumpsuits. The 70's called, they want their clothes back? I don't think I'll be going down that road again, I'm now old enough to realize how silly they look and how impractacle they are to wear. No thank you, I'll just take those cute "wedding pants",please. And the jacket. And the top.

  6. I love this April issue. There are way more "winners" in it! I think it is my all-time favorite issue.

  7. Lots of great patterns there. Love that first skirt and will be making that as soon as I get my mag.

  8. Hi Amanda,

    I did some alterations from petite to normal size on a dress that had sleeves. By comparing the petite and normal measurements (I'm speaking about BWOF measurements), it seemed like they were pretty same in shoulder - bust - waist - hip areas, so the only thing I altered was the waist length, as you first suggested. I am 175cm tall, and I added few centimeters to the waist length.
    I don't write a blog on sewing, but you can see my altered dresses on the Burda Style site here and here.


  9. One of these days I need to try a Burda pattern.

    I have nominated you for an award, see it here.

  10. Amanda,
    Congrats on the awards! Say, I found this http://www.sensibility.com/pattern/resizepattern.htm
    link helpful when resizing patterns. Hope this helps.